Little London Whispers evolved after I’d been a London Ambassador at the London Olympics. Having spent 20 years working in the Entertainment industry, London really is the highlight of it all. London is the epicentre of art, fashion, theatre, music, design, and so very much more. London is THE place to find the most exciting cuisines of the world. I want Little London Whispers to be a guide for our readers to enjoy the vibrant diverse city of culture that London offers, including Eating by Borough. If you have any lovely local places you frequent that you think we should share, we would love to hear from you.

Little London Whispers is always looking for collaboration opportunities, please get in touch.


Joanna came into my life a couple of years ago through mutual friends. Having worked as a textile and accessory designer in New York and London for many years, she has the eye to help develop the shop, which we continue to grow on the website, supporting British brands where we can. Between us, we find brands you may not have seen or heard of, but we both love.  When you shop with LLW, we receive a small seller’s commission which helps us fund the blog – your little way of giving back!


Liz started her career as a financial journalist ending up working in HK and then in the City for many years with my husband.  Her family are ridiculously obsessed by all things sport-related, but now that the children have grown up and she spends less time pitch-side, she has more time for her other passion – London! She loves the theatre, the art, the history, the parks and discovering any of the multitude of hidden treasures on offer. Liz did her first LLW blog last year for our Dulwich Day Out, moving onto lovely Bermondsey and, latterly, wonderful Windsor. She is loving being a part of the LLW team.