I think Windsor Castle has to be my favourite Royal home to visit. It is the largest working castle in the world and has been the family home to British Kings and Queen’s for over 1,000 years.

A Christmas visit to Windsor Castle was something I’d been looking forward to since my visit in the summer.

Arriving at Windsor Castle

The crisp blue sky only improved our mood as we walked up to the castle. Lamp post have Christmas garlands and wreaths are dotted along your journey to the State Apartments.

Queen Marys Dolls House | Windsor

Upon arrival at the entrance to the State Apartments, if you take a sharp left you can see Queen Marys Dolls House. It is the largest dolls house in the world.

Built by Sir Edward Lutyens for the British Empire Exhibition with 1,500 craftsmen, manufacturers and artists contributing to create the most stunning dolls house you will ever see.

Recently I visited Thomas Goode in Burlington Arcade, and they have a dinning set that was actually made for the house – and yes it is tiny!

The joy of Christmas | Windsor Castle

A Christmas visit to Windsor Castle is a must. I’d been warned on my summer visit that it is a very special time to see the castle.

All the trees come from Windsor Great Park. I think we saw about 6 trees from start to finish in the castle. As you walk up the Grand Staircase you get a taste of what is to come with the opulent garlands lining the stairs.

Windsor Castle Grand staircase
© Royal Collection

Look at those trees…

The Waterloo Chamber with all the impressive paintings has a festive table to match with items and gold fruit on display. It is all inspired by the Grinling Gibbons carvings around the castle and items from the Royal Collection.

Waterloo Room at Windsor Castle
© Royal Collection Trust

This was my first winter tour and there was a flurry of excitement by us all as we were taken on a different route around the rooms. The winter route takes you through usually unseen private apartments.

One was the dinning room that leads into the Crimson Drawing room. It was here that apparently Her Majesty entertained Daniel Craig. He came for supper and allegedly stayed the night… One can assume it was to thank him for his ‘secret’ service. No word of a lie we all drooled at that news!

Crimson Room at Windsor Castle
© Royal Collection Trust

Moving through into the Crimson Drawing room, there in the middle of the room stood our first magnificent tree. The beautiful rich tones in the room with gold ceilings and incredible chandeliers just takes your breath away.

© Royal Collection Trust

Again, more hidden walkways towards St George’s Hall where the 20 foot tree stands at the far end. It has been decorated with purple velvet and satin ribbons, ornaments and nearly 3,000 lights. It is a showstopper.

St George's Room at Windsor Castle
© Royal Collection Trust

As we were leaving the State Apartments we spied the King’s equerry Major Johnny Thompson. He was on the steps of the castle awaiting President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa. Now that was a really flurry of excitement!

A choral extra

If you are lucky to be there on 8, 9, 12 or 15th December you will be in for a choral treat, local choirs will be performing beneath the Christmas tree in St George’s Hall.

Serenity in St George’s Chapel | Windsor

Outside we headed down to St George’s Chapel. The chapel is one of the most ornate chapels you will ever visit. It is the resting place of 10 former Sovereigns. The path through the chapel leads you pass the resting place of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip alongside her parents.

A small display includes the service sheet and other memorabilia from the Queen’s committal in September that was held here.

Christmas shopping at Windsor Castle

We all had a good shop.. books, puddings and delicious biscuits (all the Royal Palaces sell excellent biscuits). My prize purchase was this cute little Christmas corgi and Catherine went to town in the castle’s farm shop. So definitely pop your head into either.

Corgi biscuits from Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle | Booking details:

Admission £26.50 for adults
Thursday to Monday 10am – 3pm until 2 January 2023
Top tip.. Stamp your ticket and they are valid as an annual pass.

Getting to Windsor Castle

Travelling by train is always easiest and it is a 5 min walk to the castle. We drove and parked in the shopping arcade and the cost for our duration 9.30am – 2pm was £10.

Eating out in Windsor

We ate at The Two Brewers. A charming little pub which sits at the top of the Long Walk by the gates into the castle.

Two Brewers pub in Windsor

Nothing beats good food, good service and loads of memorabilia to read on the walls.

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