The Dulwich Picture Gallery has come up trumps again. A new exhibition which throws the spotlight on a genre which has probably been overlooked – British Surrealism.

There’s no doubt that us Brits have always had a touch of the surreal in our make-up. The likes of Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Paul Nash, Henry Moore have puzzled and intrigued our minds for decades.

Little London Whispers loved this thought-provoking show. There are 70 works by 40 artists from sculptures to collages and paintings. All are randomly displayed, cleverly echoing the bizarre and absurd.

British Surrealism Dulwich Picture Gallery
Paul Nash

Surrealism | Irrational, surreal dreams

‘Delve deeper, fly faster, love to your heart’s content. What do your dreams reveal?

Dancing skeletons, mis-shaped limbs, mystical landscapes, doors to nowhere. The British Surrealists were caught up in the aftermath of World War 1 and beyond in blurring the lines between dreams, nightmares and reality.

British Surrealism Dulwich Picture Gallery
Dancing Skeletons – Edward Burra

The Impossible and the Absurd

As the excellent curator pointed out, with the world in a somewhat state of flux, confusion and change right now, this show seems strangely contemporary and appropriate for today.

Many of the works in British Surrealism explore the values of creativity. In a current world where everything is irrational and turbulent, we look to leading artists such as Bacon, Leonora Carrington, Freud and Lewis Carrol to deliver examples of the bizarre and strange…

British Surrealism Dulwich Picture Gallery
Leonora Carrington’s The Old Maids.

Sex and desire in British Surrealism

Freudian themes are rife here. Repressed sexuality, desire and truths are out in force in many of the uncomfortably graphic and distorted images.

British Surrealism Dulwich Picture Gallery
Colquhoun’s The Pine Family

Dulwich Picture Gallery

John Soane’s Dulwich has such a fabulous permanent collection of old masters. It cleverly encourages the visitor to find 2 more British Surrealist paintings nestled within the masterpieces. British Surrealism is an innovative, interactive and enlightening exhibition, and well worth the visit to Dulwich.

Dulwich Picture Gallery are always spot on for children activities. British Surrealism is no different. They have created an interactive trail for children, which could produce more entertainment than you bargained for… Just saying!

Explore the shop on your way out by all means. However, stopping at the cafe for a slice of lemon drizzle cake will take you to your own mad mad world it is so good.

British Surrealism : Booking details

Dates: 26 Feb – 17 May 2020.
Book HERE. Tickets include superb audioguide.
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