Living in such a vibrant and culturally diverse city as London, I am reminded constantly how lucky I am to live here. I am a true culture vulture Londoner. I’m passionate about our theatre, I’ve discovered a new understanding of architecture, I re-discovered history and I love that everything is so accessible to those who want to learn more.

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I want to nourish this desire I’ve acquired as I’ve got older, and feed my curious brain – guess what? I’m really really enjoying it. All this happened whilst volunteering at the V&A when I stumbled across their courses. Subsequently, I can honestly say it is such a enriching experience that I wanted to share my favourites picks to date;

London Life and Times : Medieval to Modern

Last year, as many of you know, I did the London Life & Times course with Mike Berlin. It was fascinating. I learnt so much. It made me want to step out on a quiet day and re-discover London’s history. I appreciate London’s architecture, it’s history and it has helped me enjoy this city even more. It feeds your soul as a Londoner.

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Short Arts Course

This year I’m doing a course under the leadership of Christine Lalumnia; Twentieth Century : Masters of Modern Architecture and Design. It’s Week 2 and I’m totally smitten by her beguiling tales of Gertrude Jekyll, who will have influenced any of you with a love of gardens. Maybe it’s Frank Lloyd Wright and his influences from Japan, his modernism in architecture, his design of glass. The richness of their talent just shines through in her voice, and I’m a little sponge soaking it all up.

British Theatre : An Overview

It is also no secret that my love of theatre is deep-rooted, so when I got the chance to do the Theatre History course, I leapt across the floor. Matt Wolf, the London Theatre Critic for the International New York Times has taken it from the beginning. Just to prove how popular this course is, two thirds of his audience have done it before. After 15 minutes I knew why. Matt’s knowledge, his passion and his delivery are captivating. He has totally inspired me to discover more of London’s theatre than ever before.

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Today I listened to “wunderkind director” Rob Icke talk about 1984, Hamlet, and his new transfer of Mary Stuart to Duke of York in January.  It is a true privilege to listen to such creative talent share their stories, especially when I know what’s to come. Already I don’t want this course to end.

There 33 shows opening this month alone; clearly London is the hub of creativity and talent, and it’s thriving.

Matt Wolf is my new go to for any theatre recommendation. A blog post will have to follow on what to book!

In the meantime, I suggest you sign up to the V&A for notifications on next year’s course, and take a peak at What’s On Now, because there is a pot of gold waiting in that booklet for you.