How do you define Christian Dior Designer of Dreams? I couldn’t work it out until I’d walked through this incredible exhibition that opens tomorrow at the V&A in South Kensington.

@ LLW Dior Designer of Dreams

‘Designer of Dreams’ looks at the history and archive of Christian Dior and the designers that followed in his footsteps through the last 70 years. It’s a collection of clothing and fashion, highlighting key moments in the history of fashion. 

This exhibition is all haute couture darling. Meaning it has all been made by hand – absolutely everything including the inside of every seam! It is a feast for the eyes.

Dior and his love of England

Christian Dior had a love affair with London from his first visit in 1926. He loved the beautiful historic houses, our gorgeous English gardens. He dressed the young English debutants, none more famous than Princess Margaret for her 21st birthday. He was also very partial to a Saville Row suit!

@ LLW Dior Designer of Dreams

Dior had his first British fashion show at the Savoy, then began showing his collections in our beautiful English country houses, such as Blenheim Palace. His love of gardens and flowers makes for one of the dreamiest rooms of the exhibition. This room alone had the creative team on site working apparently for a month to give you a hysteria of wisteria.

@ LLW Dior Designer of Dreams The Garden Room at the V&A with paper wisteria hanging from the ceiling

What not to miss at Designer of Dreams

There are five unmissable couture pieces to find, as recommended by the exhibition curator Oriole Curren and they are:

The Bar Suit: An iconic piece of fashion history from the 1950’s.

Princess Margaret: The iconic dress designed for her 21st birthday, alongside the famous photo by Cecil Beaton.

The toile’s in the Atelier space. A room of understated magnificence. Understand the people behind the scenes & what goes into the process of creating these incredible gowns. 

Diorama : all the accessories, all colour coded, a mini recreation of haute couture dresses, with a line up of magazine covers.

The Dior Ball : This is the rooms of dreams. Oriole’s incredible find is the Juno Dress designed by Dior in 1949.

It is the room that shines though. It is breathtaking – find a seat and enjoy it. The exquisite and clever lighting runs on an 8 minute time loop and, I promise you one thing, the magic of this room will stay with you long after you have left the exhibition.

@ LLW Dior Designer of Dreams The Ball Room at Designer of Dreams

This exhibition for me is one you have to see with you own eyes. No imagery can do the beauty, elegance, sophistication and magic of it any justice. We couldn’t recommend it higher and surely will be a contender for exhibition of the year!

@ LLW Dior Designer of Dreams Johan Galliano era of Dior

If you love Dior and want to learn more about this iconic designer, sign up for some of the talks the V&A are holding relating to the exhibition. They are always brilliant – ‘Dior and his Decorator’, and a talk with Stephen Jones, the hat designer, to name but two. Grab a ticket before they sell out. Ticket

Designer of Dreams at the V&A. Tickets