If you love royalty and love fashion, then Diana : Her Fashion Story is an exhibition for you, at London’s Kensington Palace. It is totally unmissable.

©LLW Diana Her Fashion Story

On until the end of November 2018, this small but, oh so chic, exhibition is utterly charming. Not only do you get to step through the doors of the home to many  existing royals, well sort of… but you get the opportunity to see some of the most iconic dresses and outfits worn by Diana, Princess of Wales.

©LLW Diana Her Fashion Story


What to expect at Diana : Her Fashion Story

Aptly called ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story,’ it does more than show off her dresses. It takes you through  Diana’s ‘journey’ from the shy, unconfident 19 year-old, to the iconic independent style icon. Diana wanted her clothes to reflect being a ‘work-horse’, rather than a ‘clothes-horse’. Think of the sweet, innocent pink Bellville Sassoon suit she wore as her going -away outfit, to that midnight blue Victor Edelstein dress she wore when she danced with John Travolta – WOW!

©LLW Diana Her Fashion Story

There are beautiful photographs, and quotes everywhere reminding us of her iconic status. Diana’s favourite designers are all represented; the Emmanuel’s, Armani, Edelstein and, of course, the incredible Catherine Walker. There is even a series of design sketches annotated by Diana giving a fascinating insight into her individual input.

© LLW Diana Her Fashion Story

The ball-gowns, the embellished sequinned gorgeousness of the Edelstein’s and Armani’s steal the show in terms of wow factor.

©LLW Diana Her Fashion Story.JPG

You can’t help feeling incredibly moved by the (never before shown) Halo outfit. Diana knew the impact her visit would have to the Angola land-mines. She was bringing with her a press core of 40 – which was huge in 1997. The night before, Halo realised their logo was nowhere to be seen on the vest Diana would be wearing. The sudden reality meant they has less than 12 hours to make a logo to pin to the vest. The task was to tear up a t-shirt and mark in a biro – this was all they had.

©LLW Diana Her Fashion Story

Verdict :

We loved this exhibition. It was full of nostalgia having grown up in the era of Diana, and everything she stood for. It isn’t a big exhibition, but combined with a wander around the immaculate Kensington Palace Gardens, I cannot think of a better way to while away a couple of hours in the heart of Kensington.

(A quick shout-out to Historic Royal Palaces who do an incredible job ensuring there are loads of fabulous things to do and see across all the royal palaces – in addition to Diana, there’s a ‘Victoria Revealed’ exhibition plus a tour of Queen Mary’s private rooms at Kensington Palace)