The week opened with a new forest in the heart of Somerset House at the new London Design Biennale for 2021.

London Design Biennale 2021

It is a breath of fresh air for the city to see such a loud global voice for climate change.

“How can design provide solutions to the major challenges of our time?”    Es Devlin, Artistic Director of London Design Biennale 

I don’t think I have been to an exhibition and left feeling so passionate about wanting to change the world we live in.

London Design Biennale 2021
Planes of Perception | Czech Republic by Petr Stanicky

Everyone should visit Somerset House and learn from what we are doing wrong, and more importantly what we can do to help.

“Visual statements are what people respond to”
Es Devlin, Artistic Director of London Design Biennale 

The Design Biennale centrepiece is the Forest for Change. A forest with 400 trees and 23 varieties of those typically found around the UK and Northern Europe.

Forest for Change

Within the Forest for Change is a central clearing of coloured plinths which are the Global Goals. Each goal has a quote, and a description on what the goal is to achieve.

Forest for change London Design Biennale 2021
Forest for Change : Global Goals

It is actually so hard to decide because no one goal is more important than the other, and some are so intrinsically linked.

London Design Biennale 2021
One of the plinths of the Global Goals – each plinth has a quote

Find the pillar where you can record your voice and talk about the goal that resonates the most for you.

Can we design a better world?

The East and West Wing at Somerset House are exhibiting the International Pavilions.

Countries, territories, and cities from six continents have come together to answer the question through a group of global designers seeking solutions.

Together : The Greek Pavilion by HRH Prince Nikolaos

Opening the conversation for the world’s biggest challenge, and couldn’t have been better timed whilst the UK hosts the G7 Summit.

Verdict | London Design Biennale 2021

I loved this exhibition, more than I thought I would. No sooner had I left, I wanted to go back, and I will. Everyone should visit this show if they can.

London Design Biennale 2021
Monte Abierto : Argentina by Cristian Mohaded

Not just for the showstopper, which is undeniably the Forest for Change, but to understand how we can change our habits. Because if we don’t change, what hope is there for our children, and our children’s children.

The London Design Biennale runs until 27 June.