Just the title of the tour makes your mouth water doesn’t it. Well I’m not going to disappoint you, I have photos that will make your mouth water too.

Having lived west of London most of my life, I was not prepared to be taken on a hidden tour where I hadn’t been anywhere!

Yannick Pucci met us, and without giving too much away took us off around the beautiful backstreets of Belgravia.

We came across hidden and haunted pubs.

The prettiest of mews houses, with hidden details everywhere you turned – that happens when your guide is passionate about Art Deco.  Could this ornate detail have been inspired by the great and wonderful Wizard of Oz?

Our first macarons stop did not disappoint- why would it!  We all piled in to the overflowing display just waiting to be picked.

One down four to go, we set off for more little indulgences and because of Yannick’s love of architecture we had some wonderful little history notes along the way.

More macarons and the differences between a chocolate filling to the regular ganache filling made choices become even harder. How I don’t know, I only had to pick one!

The problem was they were sooo delicious.

Thank goodness it was a freezing cold day, and we could burn the calories as we went off for our final colourful mews tour.  The problem is, I have a thing for doors and there were many to choose from!

gain, amazed by the beautiful colours, architecture and little pubs, I understand the interest and love for these little hidden pockets of London.

Check Yannick’s website LONDON UNRAVELLED for further details. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and certain to be heading out on another tour – whose coming?