Open House London is a unique opportunity to visit buildings that are not usually open to the public.  It all happens over the weekend of 16-17 September 2017.  Our top tips come from Katie at Look Up London, who has done a guide to the best of the lot, and which don’t need prior booking.

© LLW Open House London

Katie is a brilliant London guide who looks up at everything she writes about. Little London Whispers has collaborated with her before on tours, so it feels right to share her tips for Open House London here Look Up London

The full guide to Open House London offers an array of buildings by borough, or it may be architecture you are into, it could be engineering, it could just be staircases.  There is something for everyone, everywhere, so pick carefully because it covers all of London.

One little tip is that on September 10th, the Thames Barrier has its annual closure.  It is ahead of Open House, but if you’ve never been down there, it unbelievable how big it is. Have a look at our other tips for September and the Super Seven we have up.

©LLW Thames Barrier

I’m really excited this year, I know where I’m going, and I also know that I’m going to have to get up early!