There are some fantastic photography exhibitions in London right now. Some opening this week. Photo London returns to Somerset House mid-May, which always promises to inspire.

I thought I’d do this post on photography exhibitions that have caught my eye, and I’ve also added at the bottom little photo additions – fun ideas to create with your photos.

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Photography Exhibitions in London:

Victorian Giants at National Portrait Gallery until 20 May 2018
Shape of Light : 100 Years of Photography at Tate Modern 2 May – 14 Oct
Maddox Gallery has an exhibition on the works of Mr Brainwash until 14 May
Photo London at Somerset House starts 17-20 May 2018
Red, Blue, White : Global Colours at Getty Images Gallery  until 25 May 2018

Discover London Photographers:

The Photographers Gallery – A space in London dedicated solely to photography over 3 floors. They always have something interesting on.
Tommy Clark Gallery – An Englishman that hangs out of helicopters and shoots from above. He has a gallery in Clapham, so go and check the arial views (they literally make me want to get on a plane and fly).
Marcus Lyon -Another photographer that came to my attention a little over a year ago, on my art course with Amanda Lambert. His work is quite stunning. He also does the arial shots, but what really stood out for me was the book he has done called Somos Brazil. A photographic the portraiture of the vibrantly diverse population of Brazil. What makes this different, is that if you purchase the book, and the app, you can hear the story of person he photographed, in both Portuguese and English. It is as remarkable, as it is utterly brilliant.

Instagram is of course another wonderful platform for discovering brilliant London photographers. Follow hubs London4All, London Only, My Darling London, to search out some of London’s finest photographers on the Insta scene.

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Extra Photography Notes:

As you may have guessed, I love photography. I grew up with parents who loved taking photographs. My my mother is a photographer, so we have albums upon albums of memories to look back on. I’ve tried to keep this up, but in an age of digital photography, I’ve become so lazy at getting my images printed and put into books. A small part of me misses that process. It’s is a job that needs to be done!

Living Images Design : Claire creates beautiful bespoke photo books. She curates, edits and will put together the whole book for you. A wonderful gift idea, for yourself, or even those milestone birthdays that creep up on us.  Mention LLW and Claire has offered 10% off any large book orders. Claire’s business has been driven by word of mouth, and having seen her work, I can understand why.

Photographer for parties or events: Ilyas Ayrub. Ilyas kindly came and photographed a Maggie’s Centre lunch that I helped organise last month, and his photos were amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending him for parties or corporate events. Mention LLW and he may even give you a little discount!

Finally, if buying is your thing Sotherby’s London has a sale on 17 May. Take a look.

© LLW Photography Exhibitions in London

Happy snapping…