My early morning walk last Friday could not have been more inspiring. I’d decided to head over to Tate Britain to see their Winter Light Installation, celebrating Diwali.

Tate Britain Light Installation 2020

The light installation is by artist Chila Kumari Singh Burman. Her incredible intricate artwork has lit up the Tate to see out 2020 with messages of hope and reflection “Remembering A Brave New World”

Tate Britain Light Installation Chila Burman

In time for Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, Chila Burman has created an installation worthy of being called a festival of lights.

Tate Britain light installation Diwali

Chila Burman has created something London really needed right now. It is an installation of hope, of reflection, of colour and of light. It is wonderful, and the Tate must be thrilled to have something beyond uplifting lighting up the London art scene.

In the words of Tate Britain describing Chila’s work

“She reworks and weaves together her own material and found images from art and popular culture to deconstruct stereotypes, critique imperialism and its legacies, and propose radical new visions of South Asian and British identities.”

Tate Britain Winter Light Installation 2020
Tate Britain Winter Light Installation on Millbank

Tate Britain, thank you for such joy … and if you want to read our review on the Turner exhibition, make it a date for when the museum re-opens, it is well worth a visit. The perfect Christmas treat.

On a side note, the image I posted on LLW Instagram of the installation went viral over the Diwali weekend. It was my biggest shared post ever, reaching over 110K accounts in 4 days, over 6,000 likes, and shared worldwide. Friday 13th in 2020 was pretty awesome in the end.

Tate Britain Winter Installation : until 21 January 2021 (free)