As we all spend more time at home, our communities I am sure have become tighter. Each week as we head out to clap for our NHS, Key Workers, carers, we get to know our neighbours better than before. There isn’t anyone else I’m seeing as much of.

This week for VE Day75 we are being asked to celebrate at home or with our neighbours at a social distance. We are meeting our neighbours on the pavement outside our houses with chairs and champagne!


What is VE Day

VE Day is the day Britain and the Allies accepted Germany’s surrender after six years of war in Europe. Spontaneous celebrations broke out all of the country and Europe, and in London Buckingham Palace was a focal point of those celebrations. At 15.00 on 8 May Prime Minister Winston Churchill declared the war was over after Germany surrendered the day before.

VE Day at home | Key moments

“To those who gave so much, we thank you”

Winston Churchill

The tributes will begin at 11am with a two minute silence.

14.55 Solo buglers, trumpeters and coronets are invited to play the Last Post from their homes.

15.00 We are encouraged to raise our glasses for a national toast to those who gave so much. Winston Churchill’s speech will be screened on television.

21.00 HM the Queen will address the nation, followed by a national sing-a-long to “We’ll meet again..” with Dame Vera Lynn.

I have found a few articles and events related to the VE Day celebrations that I hope you will enjoy.

Buckingham Palace

VE Day75 in 2020

1.First up I’d love to share the article written by Scarlett aka Diary of a Londoness and her ‘ghost’ interview with Churchill and ‘his London’ after lockdown. This is a new series she is doing, whilst it is obviously fictional, it is full of fun interesting facts.

2. Dan Snow : Look up Dan Snow on YouTube and you are in for a treat and a wealth of knowledge. He is the History man if you want to be up to speed on your history and facts for VE Day75.

3. I also loved Bake Off’s Pru Leith’s Muscovado VE Day Flapjacks which I found on his page.

4. Feeling nostalgic for all the places we cannot visit? Claridges have a lovely surprise for you at 3pm on Friday on the Claridges Instagram feed. This historic hotel that has played court to kings & queens from the day they opened and was home to musical entertainment during the war.

There is a lovely story I read recently of a call to the concierge requesting to be put through to the King which was met with the reply ” Certainly, but which one?”. Claridges became a symbol of resistance during the war and nothing stopped cocktail hour.

5. Catherine at Culture Wednesday has a plethora of information on her website, from virtual book festivals to WWII knitting patterns in the V&A archives. It’s fabulous.

6. Royal Albert Hall will for the first time in their history will be hosting a concert behind closed doors. At 6pm BST Katherine Jenkins will perform a special 30 minute musical concert via YouTube, singing war time favourites.

Katherine Jenkins performs from behind closed doors at the Royal Albert Hall

VE Day 75 gets the respect it deserves. We have read a lot of veteran stories lately that should encourage us all to learn and never forget the sacrifices made for us.

The British Legion are live streaming all VE DAY 75 events from 11.15am.