It is as unusual as it is exciting when a new exhibition opens to five star reviews, before it has even opened! This is what has happened with the World of Stonehenge. The exhibition opened this week at the British Museum and has received more five star reviews than its prized exhibit.

It is one of the most recognisable images on the planet, one of the Wonders of the World, and the best known pre-historic monument in Europe.

the world of stonehenge
Stonehenge, one of the most recognisable images on the planet

With so much energy surrounding this exhibition, you can understand why it is incredibly overwhelming – and for many reasons. The power of Stonehenge and the continued interest 4,500 years later is enormous.

What can you expect :

Two thirds of the 400 exhibits are on loan and have never been seen in the UK before, each with its own history and remarkable story. The exhibition explains the significance people place in these circles on Salisbury Plain.

Stonehenge | Highlights

There are some incredible pieces at the heart of this exhibition. The stand out exhibit for me is the Nebra Sky Disk. At 3,600 years old, it is the oldest map of the stars.

World of Stonehenge at British Museum
The Nebra Sky Disk

The 4,000 year old timber circle, dubbed Seahenge, is the Stonehenge of the Sea due to the similarities and amazingly it was only discovered in 1998 on a remote Norfolk beach after a shifting of the sands.

Seahenge at the world of stonehenge
Seahenge at The World of Stonehenge

The other highlight for me was the gold. There is so much of it, and it comprises some of the earliest gold ever found in the UK.

The World of Stonehenge

There are a lot of exhibits on burials (this is large part of the exhibition) – all of which made me feel very uncomfortable. I didn’t linger.

The World of Stonehenge

The World of Stonehenge

The World of Stonehenge is the biggest exhibition the British Museum has done in a long time. Contextualising the importance and significance of this astonishing monument could leave you with more questions than answers, it certainly did for me! Allow plenty of time for your visit.

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Until 17 July 2022