Caravan is all day eating at its best, that once you discover it, you will wish that you lived next door – or maybe not, so good is the food!

Caravan’s all day menu just seems to shout out delicious healthy food, fantastic flavours, and for every food group.

A cocktail to start any summer’s evening is a must with me, and spicy – even better, but be warned, Caravan also serve up the best coffee. Having started as coffee traders in Kings Cross, breakfast can only be good – another excuse to for me to go back.

The spicy cornbread is a staple and must be tasted, even die hard ‘no bread’ people LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

Caravan‘s healthy option of fish curry or salads mean you can over order in a second, but even for the boys who ordered the pizza ‘just in case’, they couldn’t keep their mitts off our choices of salad dishes, as well as the pizza, which was hoovered up.

There was no space for pudding, we were full, and we were also a little late to the Meinier Theatre, which is just around the corner. Not to worry, because any excuse I can find to head to Granary Square or Bankside, I will find, just so I can go back and visit this gem of a restaurant.

Finally, no-one ‘needs’ another cookery book, but Caravan have just released theirs, and mine dropped through the door this weekend.

I am leafing through it all already – the summer just got experimental. Line up now for my supper club, or buy yourself a copy HERE and start your own.