During the first lockdown I can safely say that food deliveries became a highlight of our week. It is a perk of living in London that there are so many choices available, and by ordering a takeaway from your favourite restaurants you could give them the support that they really needed.

Claridges Roast Chicken
Photo credit : @ClerkenwellBoy on Instagram

During Lockdown 2.0, takeaways became slightly less inspiring, but when Claridges offered to send me their Davies & Brook roast chicken, I could barely contain my excitement.

Claridges CFC

Our first taste of Claridges To-Go was the Davies and Brook CFC which we ordered earlier this year. “Claridges’ Fried Chicken? That’s about as bougie as it gets”, said my 21 year old! Even KFC made a comment and applauded Claridges’ style.

Claridge CFC
Claridges CFC

We loved it. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fried chicken kind of girl, but this was really tasty and came with delicious dips, and there was a lots of it. Washed down with the cocktail that came as part of the deal, it was truly one of our lockdown highlights.

Thanksgiving in London

We got married over the Thanksgiving weekend 26 years ago. It had to be Thanksgiving because my father was working in America and it was the only time he was allowed to take off. But it means that we now have to book well ahead if we want to go away or eat out to celebrate.

Claridges at Christmas
Claridges ready for Christmas 2020

After all we had been through in 2020, and still uncertainty about any travel, I booked Claridges for the night as a very special treat. But then Lockdown 2.0 scuppered my plan. Instead my lovely friends at Claridges decided to send me their Davies and Brook roast chicken to go.

Davies and Brook at Claridges

Davies and Brook is the newly launched restaurant by Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park in New York. Their latest offering is a Sutton Hoo roasted chicken stuffed with black truffle and foie gras with the most delicious truffle gravy.

Claridges to go
Your delivery arrives with a rose, instructions and all your ingredients

It arrives beautifully packaged in a black D&B bag. The chicken is stuffed and sealed and ready to go straight into your oven. There is a thermometer wrapped in a ribbon to check that you take it out of the oven just at the right time. It comes with extras in beautiful jars, along with a potato gratin and butternut squash.

Claridges Chicken
Our Sutton Hoo chicken straight out of the oven

Pudding was an apple and almond tart. It was all so delicious I wanted to kiss the chef who made it.

Claridges apple and almond tart
The exquisite apple and almond tart

Claridges Chicken : The verdict

Make your Thanksgiving special, and order this amazing chicken dish. You will not be disappointed! The added extra is a jar of the D&B granola that will keep reminding you of this incredible dish.

Thursday to Sunday from 12-5pm, collection or delivery, £145.00 for 4 people.

Claridges Davies & Brook ordering details HERE