Run run said the gingerbread man. As from today you should run and see this year’s Gingerbread City at Somerset House.

Gingerbread City 2019

Over 100 leading architects have come together to create The Gingerbread City for 2019. Gingerbread City is the brainchild of The Museum of Architecture the brief was to build a futuristic city around the theme of transport.

Research into sweets is an absolute must. Texture, colour all the glitter – who cares what they taste like. It has to look good. They are building high-rise buildings, office and apartment blocks, a tram station, there is even a ferry station.

London in Gingerbread

London is a cosmopolitan and diverse city. Here you will find the tastiest property on the market. You will find Sugarset House, Gingerbread Modern, you may even find Piccadilly Circus has turned into a pick & mix.

Battersea Sugar Power station has incorporated the new modern apartments. They have even included a few dogs and a flying pig. Finally, I defy you not to love and search for the train that whizzes through the city!


LLW has supported The Gingerbread City for three out of the four years it has been running. Every year, this fantastic city becomes more exciting as the exhibition grows in size. Somerset House is the new bigger home for 2019.

Gingerbread City 2019

We love it. We love their workshops. We love the conversation and creativity it inspires.

Details for Gingerbread City 2019 & Worshops

Museum of Architecture Gingerbread City 2019.
Somerset House, London`
Until 5 January 2020

Workshops for The Gingerbread City