Hai Cenato in Nova Victoria is Jason Atherton’s latest restaurant. My love for this man extends purely to his amazing food style. Jason is innovative with flavours and his food is always spot on. Hai Cenato doesn’t disappoint.  He has partnered up again with Head Chef Paul Hood, who he also heads up Social Eating House with.  Hai Cenato is a New York style Italian eatery with a Drunken Oyster above, what more could London want for?

© LLW Hai Cenato

On a beautifully autumnal day I headed there for lunch, and with such a blue sky we sat outside. As it’s away from the road, you aren’t suffocated by fumes, it is so pleasant. I’ve said it before about Nova Victoria, they have such a variety of restaurants in this hub, that there is something for everyone. The major plus for me is that you can sit outside on a lovely day. Read the blog post I wrote on it back in the summer.

Verdict on Hai Cenato

We ordered a few small plates, and a pizza. Suffice to say, everything was scrumptious. The Burrata / tomato salad just burst with flavour. The octopus salad, with chick peas was like a warm chunky soup, and frankly lick the bowl delicious.

I don’t eat pizza often, I leave that to my son, who is an expert. So when I do, I really expect it to be better than good. My goodness, this was… Courgette and ricotta, with a drizzle of truffle honey, it was demolished. We actually demolished everything we ate.

© LLW Hai Cenato

Whilst the autumnal weather gives us a little sunshine, try and eat outside, go for little plates of food, and add a pizza to the mix, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I cannot wait to find an excuse to go back.

The restaurant is quite dark in the evenings, I’ve yet to see if I can read a menu! The head waiter practically picked our food for us in daylight, and it didn’t disappoint. Are you that brave? There is a guest chef each month, so there’s another lucky dip if ever I saw one!

© LLW Hai Cenato

There’s a humming Drunken Oyster bar above Hai Cenato.  It has a good cocktail menu – I suspect it gets very loud in the evening, but it’s all beautifully decorated, which is a bonus if you are into that kind of thing, and I am!

A bar & bites kind of night, this could be your place.  If it’s just a good meal, not too heavy, with a variety of choice, it’s your place too. After all, do you know what Hai Cenato means? It means “Have you had dinner” and if you haven’t, you should.

Hai Cenato | Nova Victoria