I’m not going to lie, pizza is a huge hit in our family, always has been. We love pizza, so with National Pizza Day imminent, where should you be going for your pizza?  The list is endless, however, I’ve tried to narrow it down for you. I love pizza, to enjoy this post – in fact who doesn’t love pizza?

National Pizza Day is on Friday 9 February so where are you off to for good pizza in London? Let me help. I love little neighbourhood restaurants, so I have tried to keep that as my focus, with the odd exception.

Our top 3 pizza loves

These are places we go back to time and time again, because they are so good in our eyes. The dough is thin and crispy, toppings are a plenty, and the service is tip top. A tasty 10/10 every time.

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Franca Manca : Branches all over London. We favour South Kensington & Covent Garden. A pizza that delivers every time it sits down in front of you.

Pizza Pilgrims : Delicious tasting pizza, by the slice, to go, or for just sitting down. These boys started out in a van, and they have come a long way since then, and with good reason. Their pizza’s are delish. I rather love their pizza picasso enthusiasm… getting creative on pizza boxes. Yes, I know!

Homeslice : The biggest pizza that will ever sit in front of you. We love the branch in Seven Dials, but beware it gets super busy, so get there early for a table

Alternative pizza loves

Pizza East – Notting Hill. Perfect after a long Saturday morning walk through the market
MOD Pizza – Leicester Square.  This chain has come from the US. It stands for Made On Demand.  It’s nothing like the above recommendations, however my boys gave it a firm thumbs up, and a FULL 10/10 for taste
Made in Italy – These guys serve up pizza along the table, there is nothing round here, and it works very well. It’s a great place for a group of you, and good pizza all the way. Service can sometimes be a little slow.
Mother LDN – Seawater pizza under the arches in Battersea.  A really tasty pizza. It can get very busy, so be prepared to wait.

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Pizza loves I need to try

NY Fold – Charing Cross Road. I’m told exceptional… all the way from NYC
Santa Maria – True authentic Neapolitan pizza. Constantly told how great it is, I need to go…
Picky Wops – Vegan Pizza.  I’m told ALL THE TIME, this is the best vegan pizza in London. You have now been told! It must also be said, that even non-vegans rate this up as being super delicious. They have a 30% off for National Pizza Day

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If you love pizza as much as my son does, and who this blog is entirely inspired by, you will love to know that Foodism has over 400 pizza restaurants participating in London that will be offering discounts. I have shared the link because if you are near Canada Water, they are launching a pre party on Thursday 8 February with 10 of London’s top pizza makers, and some pizza puddings… What is National Pizza Day if it doesn’t include pudding? Tickets are £15 and include a drink. Have a look and let it tickle your taste buds Foodism National Pizza Day offers

Alternatively buy this book and discover for yourself Where to Eat PizzaFinally, I have one final little recommendation.  If

Enjoy and bon apetit x