Buckingham Palace Garden has opened to visitors this summer. I took my father in law on his first trip to London since the pandemic. Having visited the Palace before, I was really excited to get a tour around the gardens.

Buckingham Palace

It is the first time the gardens have been opened to the public. Normally it is a garden party or a highlight tour after a summer opening of the palace. However, never before have we been allowed to roam (within reason) and have a picnic facing Her Majesty’s London residence.

Buckingham palace garden 2021

Buckingham Palace Garden | Trees

With over 1000 trees in the garden, it should be no surprise to learn that this is London’s largest private garden. A garden the owner is actively involved with.

It began in 1608 when the then resident James I decided he wanted to plant a lot of mulberry trees. Today Buckingham Palace has 40 different varieties. Since 2000 the garden has held the largest National Collection of Mulberries. One perk is that the new Buckingham Palace gin is made entirely of botanicals from the garden.

Buckingham Palace Garden

Every Monday head gardener Mark Lane presents The Queen with a posy of freshly cut flowers from the garden.

buckingham palace garden

If you have tickets, make sure you have booked a Highlights Tour. Our guide Mandy Komlosy was fantastic with stories, history and knowledge of what the Queen get’s up to!

Buckingham Palace Garden

My favourite story of the day.. It’s that the Palace gardeners are often put on the 52 bus that goes around the Palace walls.

Why you may ask? Well it is to make sure that you or I can’t see into the Queen’s garden, thereby allowing her the freedom to enjoy her garden without prying eyes.

Buckingham Palace Garden

You can pre-order your picnic from the Palace, or you can just indulge in ice-cream. Either is a good choice.

buckingham palace garden

Buckingham Palace Garden |Tickets

Tickets might have sold out, however keep checking the website, because I am told there are returns.

Add a cherry on top…

A short stroll through the streets of Belgravia will get you to the Berkeley Hotel.

The Berkeley Huts for Summer 2021

Sit outside in one of their Berkeley Huts sipping on a glass of cold champagne. We had some very English fish and chips with a little pudding – it was the perfect end to our day out.

Berkeley Hut summer 2021

This is what we did and as last year, The Berkeley’s situation outside is the perfect set up for anyone feeling a little nervous about eating inside. The new 2021 seaside huts, usual good service, delicious food just add that extra cherry on top to the perfect day out.