It’s Chinese New Year, so wishing everyone a happy New Lunar Year. As we go into the Year of the Pig, we can expect a year full of abundance and wealth – wouldn’t that be fab!

I thought it might be nice to give you a little reminder and round-up of what we’ve done and also what you can do in London this weekend to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities

There are so many traditions around Chinese New Year – I’m always so taken with them. Two of my favourites: – DO wear red to bring on joy and happiness, and…. DON’T brush the floor to avoid sweeping away good luck! If you must adopt you inner Marie Kondo’s, then sweep the dust into a corner and then throw out after the New Year!

Chinese New Year |School of Wok

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the ‘School of Wok‘ to educate me on the art of cooking with a wok with Jeremy Tang, the brains behind this brilliant brand.

If you think you understand Chinese Cooking, I’m impressed, as I found out I hadn’t a clue! However, with some fun and expert guidance, we got to work. We made dumplings (representing good wealth) then, all wok’d up we did a stir fry, and added a succulent whole fish (representing an abundance of life) – top it all off with long noodles for a long life! We loved making and eating our very symbolic Chinese New Year feast.

It was a great evening, and I would honestly recommend anyone to sign up for one of their classes. Some of our group had been before and were thrilled to return. Try out Jeremy’s book for some unbelievably easy and delicious dishes.

Chinese New Year |Food Markets

Remember that this weekend, as in our Super Seven, there is the Duke of York Square’s Chinese Food Market. If the weather holds out, pop down to Sloane Square and enjoy some delicious street food, and I’m told Peppa Pig is making a guest appearance! Great for little ones.

Chinese New Year |Parade

This Sunday in the heart of London’s West End is the annual Chinese New Year parade. I went last year for the first time – it’s so much fun. The creativity, the dancing, the dragons, the noise… it’s mad, but brilliant! Yes, there are lots of people but, at the same time, the crowds are not so big they are unmanageable. If you have never been, be adventurous and go along – you will be thrilled by the spectacle. It starts at 10am, moves to Trafalgar Square at 12 for the Lion’s eye-dotting ceremony, before the finale at 5.45pm.

Chinese New Year|Eating out

My favourite restaurant in Chinatown that I’ve discovered recently is Viet-Food. No it isn’t Chinese, but the food is really delicious. You will have to get there early for lunch, as you can’t book. An alternative I have been highly recommended, but haven’t eaten at yet is Baozi Inn. Otherwise, grab some scrumptious street food from one of the many restaurants that serve up street side. Enjoy.

Chinese New Year in London

Finally, I’m sure by now you have looked up what Zodiac sign you are, but if you haven’t here is a link that will explain it all.