Christmas trees are giving London an extra bit of sparkle this year. London has pulled out all the stops to look even more fantastic than usual.

I thought it might be fun to share with you our Super 7 favourite Christmas trees in London. However, I couldn’t stop at 7 so went to 10. Here are our Top 10 Christmas Trees in London 2017. One tree has been voted in the Best Top 10 Worldwide. Here are our favourite’s, which one is yours? Creative & diverse they are.

1. CLARIDGE’S Christmas Tree, by Karl Lagerfeld. The showstopper

Photo by @lukeabarahams on Instagram

2. V&A by Es Devlin. The Singing Tree, of words written down on pieces of paper, then projected onto digital strips.

3. CONNAUGHT VILLAGE by Tracey Emin. The LED love poem strings around the 30ft tree in Mount Street.

What I give to you, is all I have
An Open Wanting
Deep in the layers of my heart
And in return I catch your smile
The Greatest Gift of All

4.  TOWER BRIDGE; Spectacular

Tmnikonian on instagram
Photo by @tmnikonian on Instagram

5. NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM; The sheer historical backdrop, the ice skating is a bonus, and at nightfall the trees light up.  It’s a win win.
© LLW Christmas Trees
 6. GRANARY SQUARE in KINGS CROSS; The alternative Christmas tree featuring gradient colours, sprouting shapes, and it’s own soundtrack.


Photo by Ziona @_zion_ on Instagram


7. ST PANCRAS STATION; Nothing could be more inviting than a tree of 15,000 fresh flowers by the florist Moyses Stevens.

© LLW Christmas Trees

8. KEW at CHRISTMAS; I fell in love, so much so I went back and took the family.  This beautiful tree was made up of sleighs, and magically changed colour.  It really deserves a mention, even though it’s slightly off the beaten track.

© LLW Christmas Trees


9. TRAFALGAR SQUARE ; Standing 21 meters tall, our gift from Norway for the past 70 years. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without this London staple!

© LLW Christmas Trees


 10. SKY GARDEN ; Looking out over London opposite The Shard, at night there can be no better glorious view.

© LLW Christmas Trees

What’s been your favourite Christmas tree? Hopefully it will be your own. Be it big or small, may it bring you happiness over the festive holidays.

Merry Christmas from us all at Little London Whispers x