I thought it might be helpful if I did a little post this weekend to help you escape self-isolation. As London deals with the covid-19 lockdown, there are a few resources I have been made aware of, that I can share to help support yourselves and your families.

As we walk through these extraordinary times (week one), be kind to each other. Self-isolating can really test a family as we are beginning to understand. Be grateful for the little things in life such as Spring, a blue sky, pink blossom can all do wonders for the soul. Phone friends, check-in on family, and remember to breathe…

Keep calm & carry on

These are my go-to people for now. I will add to the list, if I discover any new inspiring people to share – we may all need a change after a few weeks!

  1. Download a mindfulness app |Calm & My Headspace are my two preferred choices. Don’t underestimate the power of doing 10mins a day. Our minds are racing at the moment, and this will help everyone in the long run. Both have free programmes to start.
  2. The Breath Guy | I did a one to one with Richie last year, and I was shocked at how badly I breathe. He is running sessions on his Instagram feed. His next one is this Sunday 22 March 8pm GMT. Tune in and get the whole family involved. Just follow him on IG and click his story at 8pm.
  3. Exercise |Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach is running live PE sessions starting 9am Monday 23 March for kids. Sign up on his You Tube Channel here
  4. Pilates | Georgie Spurling and the GS Method. This is a form of exercise I have been doing for years with Georgie. Now you can do it too. Georgie has created a platform that you can follow in the privacy of your home. She is offering a 20% discount with the code GS20. Low impact, non-aggressive, high burn.

Blue sky goes a long way

  1. Royal Parks | The royal parks remain open for us to use and enjoy. No playgrounds, and remember 2 meters away from each other!
  2. Liz walks more than anyone I know. She did a blog post in December on where to walk in London, somehow it feels like a fabulous holiday right now.

I have made every effort to make sure these details are correct at the time of publishing. Obviously, in this daily changing climate, changes are made at short notice.

Stay safe and look after yourselves x