London Craft Week is in full swing, with so many events, I can hardly keep up with them all.  This is fantastic if you are creative, and need inspiration – the choice on offer is wide open.  After my morning at The Flipside, in The Old Selfridges Hotel, it’s impossible not to have itchy feet. I’ve gone through the brochure, and here are my other top pics:

© London Craft Week

The Flipside at Selfridges

This is a multi sensory exhibition in the Old Hotel.  You need to book, but the event is free. It is a thought provoking journey into the altered states of luxury. How do you define luxury. What is luxury? Go and see this exhibition for yourself, and think about the altered states of luxury. Exhibition runs until 20 May.

Fri 11 May 12pm-8pm
Sat 12 May 10am-6pm
Sun 13 May 10am-6pm


Meet the maker: Illustrator Florence Balducci for Anthropologie. Florence will be running a workshop where she will sketch your likness onto a handmade Wasara paper plate for you to take home.
Friday 11 May 10-12 & 3pm-5pm  12 places £10 Regent St. Booking necessary.

Conran Shop

Beautiful Unique Tekio Light Installation. Go through the shop and see these incredible lights. Conran is one of my favourite shops in London, they know how to inspire, so if lighting is your thing, go and see the installation.
Daily 10am-7pm except Sunday 11.30pm-6pm.

William & Son

Again, another of my favourite shops for those beautiful British gifts. The Future of Heritage in Modern Watch Making is the discussion here.  The brand debates the role that traditional crafts & methods have to play in an ever increasing automated luxury industry and how they can ensure their survival.
Friday 11 May 4.30pm-6.30pm

Yunus Emre Institute

Having been to Marrakech, my obsession with tiles is bigger than ever. Tile masters Ayse Ozkan will tell you the stories behind classical patterns and what lies beneath the glaze, with techniques including drawing, transmitting, needling and colouring.
Friday 11 May 11am-1pm
Saturday 12 & Sunday 13th May 2pm-4pm Booking necessary

Here is the full schedule for London Craft Week programme. Sign up and get the daily highlights, and you will get the link for the following days programme. I look forward to this event every year, I’m always so inspired by what I see, the people I meet, and by the end of the 5 days I’m left in awe of our cities talent.


To the best of my knowledge all the above information is correct, but please check with the LCW website before setting off. I don’t want to lead you into darkness!

©The Flipside