London zip wire, who would have thought the biggest, fastest city zip wire in the world, here in London – FANTASTIC.  At a launch from 100ft high, I didn’t think I could do it without embarrassing myself to such an extent my daughter would disown me. So instead, she brought a friend.

LLW London Zip Wire

Wired (me especially)  I kept thinking I had made a mistake in not doing it, as we spent ages watching everyone zip above our heads.  Could I do this…

© LLW London Zip Wire

The queue, I’ll be honest took forever it was 70mins before they even got to the bottom of the launch tower. I should have had an army of mars bars in my bag for a little sugar rush and focus, as there is security briefing after security briefing, and you are harnessed up to the hilt for safety – so do not fear!

© LLW London Zip wire

As the teens went off to the zip wire launch pad,  a lady flew above us squealing, to the delight and humour of everyone below, and at that point, I knew I’d made the right decision, as did our daughter, who caught my eye and said “that would have so been you”, and she wouldn’t have been wrong. So I settled down at a table and waited.

© LLW London Zip Wire

On the launchpad you have the iconic views of London behind you, but it’s what’s going on in front that becomes your focus. Another 20minutes and I see the bright coloured sweatshirts as they took to the step – they were off – two six footers flying through the air to a landing deck above me.

© LLW London Zip Wire

Was it worth it… yes they loved it, speeding through the air at up to 45/50mph.  They arrived back down far more awake and alive than they did going up!

They didn’t enjoy the long wait, so I would recommend doing a morning slot. Will I go back and try it – absolutely. London zip wire is on until September 2019. It’s a brilliant fun for the Summer, but even better with a blue sky.

Zip World London

Entrance is opposite St Thomas’ Hospital on Lambeth Palace Road