Hello all you lovely walkers out there… Who can I persuade to join me on Friday 29 September to walk through London on  the Maggie’s Culture Walk?

LLW Maggie's Culture Walk

A 10 mile walk with me through London on Friday 29 September, and get behind the scenes access to museums after hours, all the while raising money for Maggie’s Centres.

Maggies Culture Walk 2016

Maggie’s Centres offer support and respite for those suffering from cancer. It has been 21 years since the first Maggie’s Centre opened, and now there are 21 centres open.  At the moment there is one in London at Charing Cross Hospital, their second is due to open at Bart’s Hospital in December.

Maggies Centres

This is a wonderful opportunity to do something so worth while, whilst taking in London’s wonderful spirit & historic culture.  I have wanted to do this walk for many years, but have always been away, this year I am here and I am going.

My Story

I had cancer a few years ago. I wasn’t brave enough to use a centre like this, I felt so isolated, and yet I know I’m not alone in this thought. So I think the more we talk about the support of somewhere like Maggie’s, the more people like me understand that centres like Maggie’s make this awful disease bearable and not so isolating.

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At Maggie’s you have professional support, nutritional advice, and programmes that really help you build your emotional wellbeing.  When I listen to other peoples stories about how incredible this place has been for them, it truly feels right to be able to give something back.

If I can tempt you to come, please click the link below and sign up, and let me know if you are coming.

Maggie’s Culture Walk link to sign up