Did you know that June is International Man’s month, along with Father’s Day, it seems that June is indeed all about the men. So man up; let me share with you a new skincare brand for young men called 31st State. Developed by Stephanie Capuano, a mother of young boys herself, she couldn’t find anything on the market for men to use, that wasn’t full of ‘extras’.

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The Brand

As a mother of two I am in totally agreement about this. I don’t want my children using brands full of baddies. So a key factor for me is that 31st State is ‘free from’. It is also allergen and paraben free, without aluminium or GM ingredients – this is a huge plus.

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Tried and tested on teenagers and not on animals. Another big bonus is that it is all made in the UK. I obviously couldn’t review this without my son. An ardent sportsman, he is constantly getting hot and sweaty his skin can break out unceremoniously – he was the perfect guinea pig.

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Charlie’s review :

I have been using the brand for the last couple of months.  I started using the products whilst training for this year’s London Marathon in snow, wind and rain, to then run on the hottest day of the year.

Face wash : Really good, uses it twice a day morning and evening.
Body wash : Likes the smell and again a little seems to go a long way.`
Spot cream: This is the best product he has ever used. This is been the key product, so much so that we re-ordered so we are never without.  The key to this, is that as any spot that may be coming out, is nailed within about an hour. It calms the whole thing down. He also felt it was really good value for money.


He would love 31st State to produce a face moisturiser, but genuinely thinks this is the best brand he has used. There is no going back. Since we’ve had this in the house, my husband now uses it too, so I’m just saying after 3 months of trialling this, we are now fully converted.

Where can I buy it?

Since Mr Asos man declared it a favourite, it is sold there, or on Amazon. Stephanie also does a lot of house sales, so you can occasionally meet the lady behind the brand. I have given you the links for both here;

31st State at Amazon


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