I was quite blown away when I went to the Natural History Museum to see their new installation… a moon. This beautiful art installation is at the hands of artist Luke Jerram.

Who is Luke Jerram

You might well ask. Luke is the artist who put the piano’s into train stations. The music that change the way we all travel frankly. His vision is that he wants the art he creates to make you feel more creative in whatever you do in life.

“It is a very special opportunity to celebrate both the science and the beauty of the natural world”

© LLW Museum of the moon

What is Museum of the Moon

This is an art installation that coincides with the 50th anniversary of Apollo’s landing on the moon. It hangs in the Natural History Musseum in the hear of South Kensington.

The moon is 6mt in diameter, and is suspended from the Victorian ceiling in the middle of the Jerwood Gallery. It gives you the opportunity to see the full circumference of the moon, and look in detail at the high resolution images from NASA of the lunar surface. You can even see the dark side of the moon, as in the side we can never see from space.

The exhibition is to coincide with the Apollo 11 50th anniversary landing on the moon. There are events surrounding the installation from yoga, to wine and cheese nights to creative talks. Half-term and holidays will be filled with activities for children.

There are also Companion Moon interactive performances that are taking place alongside the Museum of the Moon. The next one is on 15 June, 20 & 26 July, and in August there are six dates.

Museum of the Moon has been extended to stay at the Natural History Museum until 1 January 2020, but my advice is don’t wait. This is a remarkable installation and one to be enjoyed and marvelled at by all ages more than once.

I have put the link HERE for you to discover all the events.