Victoria is on everyone’s lips.  It’s not just about the tv series (although I’m so happy with my new Sunday schedule) this is about Nova, Nova Victoria.

A hub, away from traffic, yet in the middle of it all, with different restaurants for different tastes.  This is how they sell it, and now we’ve been to quite a few of them over our staycation this summer, I have to say I like it – a lot.

© LLW Nova Victoria

Timmy Green, part of the Daisy Green Group, however there are 18 new restaurants planned – something for everyone.


My eating out at Nova Victoria

Timmy Green is a must, antipodean food bursting with flavour, Franca Manca for the best value pizza in London, RailHouse Cafe at any time of day sitting outside on the big cushions, you could quite forget you are in central London. I had a breakfast meeting there in dappled light, it really was lovely. I quite forgot where I was! There is also Will Ricker’s new restaurant Stoke House  for meaty eating

© LLW RailHouse

There’s Vagabond Wines if it’s just drinking you want. Alternatively Aster which has a fab bar, and really good Scandinavian food.  Shake Shack, not only has a good deli, it is the American concept of roadside food.  Top of my restaurant list to try next is Jason Atherton’s new Hai Cenato I love his food. This is his Italian concept with a Drunken Oyster bar and a pasta room where you can see the food being  made (I may not leave).

© LLW Nova Victoria

Ahi Poké had just opened, so new places are opening all the time – 18 are due in total. I’ve yet to leave Nova without popping into Crosstown for the BEST doughnuts, not quite as healthy as a Poké bowl, but my boys love them.  There is also Pure for your healthy fast food to go.

© LLW Crosstown

In October Ole & Stein are opening up.  If you don’t know this Danish bakery brand you should.  A man of distinguished style, introduced me to them and told me their seeded rye was the best thing I would ever have. How right he was, I haven’t eaten any other bread since. Although this week I tried their chia seeded bread, which Mr B likes even better. Their focaccia bread isn’t bad either.

© LLW Ole & Steen

Sumarizing for you

The joy of Nova Victoria is that it is still under peoples radar, they can’t see it from the road. Behind those tall glass windows, there are tables to sit outside and enjoy balmy evenings without a stream of pollution in your face. Wander through, look up at the lights and lines of intelligent design, the public art, children running around safely, but also the choice of restaurants on offer. I’ve just let you know my favourites, but Victoria is most definitely back on the destination map, go and discover it for yourselves. Make a day of it, you have Buckingham Palace on your doorstep and Belgravia a 5 mins walk away, there’s really no excuse, is there?

© LLW Nova Art