What are our key senses? Obviously light, sound, smell, taste & touch. At Broadgate in the heart of London, you can discover a few of these to take you into sensory overload.  Sense of Space is the new pop up in the middle of Exchange Square. Eyes a goggle, visually stunning, and the biggest feel good factor.

© LLW Sense of Space

I didn’t know this area at all.  I always take a different exit as I head out to Shoreditch.  If fact, if you turn the other way, you feel as if you are in Tokyo with all the high rise buildings.  Yet in the middle of this imposing architecture, is the Exchange Square, with art, green space, and so many restaurants, you are too spoilt for choice.

This four room pop up is full of fun. Mr Doodle has left his mark in the first room, where for 4 days he doodled all 4 walls and a bench. Your eyes go pop in a funny way.

© LLW Sense of Space

Take yourself through the door, and sensory overload with beautiful blossom. Calming music, and colourful light takes you through a visual journey totally relaxes your senses.

© LLW Sense of Space

Wake yourself up with a motion sensory installation. If anything took me to my happy place it was this. I’m not kidding, we stood around dancing away without a care in the world – we weren’t just burning off the caffeine, we were getting ready for our day. Boom…

© LLW Sense of Space

Room four is a pretty crash out, on a big sofa after all that dancing! My top tip is to try and go early. They’ve had over 5,000 visitors already and weekends are exceptionally busy. We arrived as it opened and pretty much had the place to ourselves – certainly no queuing.

Check the website for details, as they do have private events happening, but the best part is that all of this is FREE.  Free sensory FUN.

© LLW Sense of Space

Put it up on your to-do list and leave it there until it is done!

Sense of Space details:

Location: Broadgate until 18 May 2018
Monday to Saturday 11am-8pm
Sundays 12-6pm

Details on how to get to the location are HERE. Zappy staircases help. We did get a little lost, so check before you leave.

Where to Eat:

There is a cafe right there for snacks. There are so many restaurants in the Exchange, you are spoilt for choice, from The Botanist to Brindisa, to Gaucho, to Pod, my absolute favourite fast food chain. It’s all organic, and they do the most delicious hot bowl food.  If not, head over to the other side of Liverpool St and head into Spitalfields for a huge variety of street food – about an 8 minute walk.