Chelsea Flower is virtual… All the localised floral displays from Chelsea in Bloom, Belgravia in Bloom, Mayfair in Bloom, Covent Garden.. none of it is happening. My heart is broken, I absolutely love flowers and the joy it brings me is immeasurable.

Where can I see the florals..

As I write this, I’m sitting in my London garden with the hum of bees and a slight breeze around me, and I am happy. One of the greatest things about this Covid-19 lockdown, I think is the appreciation we have found in nature. The joys of birdsong and the time spent appreciating what has been growing around us, or on your daily walk.

Belgravia in Bloom winner from 2019
Belgravia in Bloom at The Hari Hotel 2019

The month of May is all about flowers in London. Yet this year the greatest flower show in the world, RHS Chelsea 2020 will be virtual. The week will begin on Monday with the RHS Members day, then from Tuesday it will be open to the public.

Jam Jar's display at the Chelsea Flower Show
Entrance to the Chelsea Flower Show 2019 designed by Jam Jar Flowers

Chelsea in Bloom is always so much fun, from tuk-tuk rides to the incredible floral displays outside shops and discovering the overflow of florals into the surrounding areas.

Chelsea in Bloom 2018
Chelsea in Bloom 2018

There isn’t a part of London that hasn’t embraced May with a floral display, this year is going to be very different.

You can send me flowers | Mayfair in Bloom at Harry's Bar
Mayfair in Bloom at Harry’s Bar 2019
You can send me flowers

I have really missed having flowers in the house. Lately I’ve made a huge effort to have some dotted around. They are a sense of calm, but also offer such natural beauty. I love flowers on my kitchen table or to a little posy on my desk.

Many florists have obviously been closed. However, now there are now quite a few who have found a way to get back at work, and I wanted to give them a shout out. If you can support any of these small businesses, whilst bringing the floral joy into your home please do. Contact details to all the florists are linked in their names.

You can send me flowers from…

Petals at Bibendum: Call Jonathan on 07525 208430 or DM them on Instagram. They are now open daily 9am-4pm. They can send you photos of what’s come in ahead of delivery. No face sales for now. I cannot wait for those gates to open, so I can sit with my fresh flowers and have a coffee with a floral view.

You can send me flowers | Petals at Bibendum
Petals at Bibendum

McQueen Flowers : #CraftedByYou. Start a subscription and get flowers delivered every Thursday with a video and guidelines to create your own floral display. McQueen are known for their incredible floral displays and this is just a delivery detail I love.

McQueen Flowers #craftedbyyou

Kitten Grayson Flowers :  Farm to Vase. Talented British florist Kitten Grayson offers two seasonal looks from her British floral farm. Kitten delivers weekly on Friday in Zones 1-4. A percentage of all her orders at the moment are going to NHS appeals. Orders must be placed by Sunday for the following Friday.

You can send me flowers Little London Whispers
Kitten Grayson Flowers

Kelly Russell Flowers: Kelly doing contactless deliveries in West London on Thursday and Fridays of tulips and peonies. If you like your single bouquets with no fuss, this is for you.

Kelly Russell Flowers

The Flower Box: Same day delivery in London if you order before 1pm. They offer free delivery and each single themed bouquets come together for you to display or mix as you want.

The Flower Box

Petalon Flowers : Based in East London, but deliver all over the UK. Two beautiful bouquets made weekly and you order online. Their named bouquets really make me smile… Clap your Hands or Rainbow in the Window when I last looked… Petalon are environmentally friendly. 5% of all their sales go to Bee Collective, that helps Londoners support bees.

Petalon | You can send me flowers
Petalon Flowers : Clap your Hands bouquet

Jam Jar Flowers have just started a delivery service in London. Jam Jar created the stunning gateway entrance with bees last year at the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show. Their flowers arrive in kiln jars or larger jars. The point is – they are flowers that come in jars, big or small. Requests for deliveries have to be in by Sunday for delivery on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Rob Van Helden. Rob is a London floral creator. His designs usually adorn more than one or two shops at this time of year in and around Chelsea and Belgravia, if he isn’t doing a Royal Wedding. I have been lucky enough to have been sent a bouquet of his, and they are magnificent. Rob now has deliveries in and around London.

Bloom and Wild : Letterbox delivery made easy. If you are at work and can’t be sure you will be in, send them in a box. Pick a colour theme, floral theme, you name it – they may indeed have it.

“She sprouted love like flowers, grew a garden in her mind, and even on the darkest days, from her smile the sun still shined.”

Erin Hanson