Dappled Light by Rana Begum has opened at Pitzhanger Manor. This is Rana Begum’s first solo exhibition in the uk since 2016, and Pitzhanger Manor is the perfect setting for it.

Rana Begum Dappled Light at Pitzhanger Manor

Dappled Light at Pitzhanger Manor is the perfect collaboration for Rana Begum’s work to shine alongside the architecture of Sir John Soane. Rana’s work explores the perception of light, colour and form within sculpture, painting and finally the installation.

Dappled Light at Pitzhanger Manor

Your first glimpse of Rana’s work ‘Dappled Light’ is introduced as you walk through the garden. Coloured glass panes come out of the ground, and alter in the light as the sun moves throughout the day.

Rana Begum Dappled Light Pitzhanger Manor

Her work is as subtle as it is bold. As you enter the gallery on the right is a beautiful collaboration with a group of young local artists from Bollo Brook Studios composed of thumb prints. It looks so natural in its place I nearly missed it.

For me the visual show piece is the glimpse you see as you walk into the building. A stunning newly created suspended cloud installation that stands under the stained window in the main gallery.

This blurred canvas was specially commissioned for the space. Spray painted onto a monumental canvas of vivid colours. My eyes still can’t adjust to it!

Rana Begum Dappled light pitzhanger Manor

I loved the use of space in the Georgian staircase, a fabulous pop of neon zig zag hanging from the skyline to the bottom of the stairs.

Neon zig zag rana begum dappled light

Pitzhanger Manor

Since I last visited Pitzhanger the top of the house that used to be offices, have been opened up. They were originally the bedrooms for Sir John Soane and his wife.

They have created an exhibition and time line of the house that shows the incredible restoration project they undertook back in 2016. Pitzhanger Manor was Soane’s dream home. This was the home he wanted to show off to his friends, and share the architectural ideas he had. It is well worth a visit to Ealing to visit.

Sir John Soane was one Britain’s most influential architects. The fact that we have Pitzhanger Manor and the John Soane Museum in Central London should be celebrated and enjoyed by all.

You could call them gems, yet the best part they are hidden gems waiting to be enjoyed and discovered. Dappled Light is the perfect place to start.

Rana Begum | Dappled Light runs until 11 September 2022. Tickets HERE
Pitzhanger Manor is less than a 10min walk from Ealing Broadway tube

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