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  • Little London Whispers with Isabel Leonard

    A Little London Whisper with | Isabel Leonard

    22nd September 2019

    Little London Whispers are introducing a series of conversations to our website. Conversations with people visiting London, Londoners, and people who have adopted London as their home. In our first series of A Little London Whisper, we interviewed the Royal

  • London Theatre Autumn 2019

    Theatre in London this Autumn 2019

    31st August 2019

    As I’m sure you know, we are all huge theatre fans here at LLW, from musical theatre to plays to dance, you name it we usually have an opinion on it. This summer we have seen some great theatre; Fiddler

  • 7 facts about St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

    7 Things you didn’t know about St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

    17th July 2019

    Having spent a fair bit of time up in Kings Cross lately, I thought it would be fun to give you 7 reasons why you should visit the St Pancras Renaissance hotel. Located just above the Eurostar station, there is

  • © LLW Finding bees in London

    Busy bees in London

    8th July 2019

    We’re delighted to report that London is apparently the most populated bee city in Europe. With our wonderful green spaces and our very British love of animals, insects and wildlife, they are thriving here – hence busy bees in London.

  • © St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

    Dayuse at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

    27th June 2019

    Recently I was approached by Dayuse for a London campaign to show how much fun it is to take a hotel room for the day. This new brilliant booking platform allows you to pick your dayuse hotel on their app.

  • © Strawberry Hill Flower Festival

    Strawberry Hill |Flower Festival

    15th June 2019

    This month at Strawberry Hill they are celebrating British flowers with a Flower Festival. What could be more appealing than a beautiful English country house overflowing with flowers and floral designs in London. Sir Horace Walpole Sir Horace was the