• © LLW Monet in London
    Call me a Monet London

    Monet & Architecture has arrived in London.  I snuck into the members preview this morning, and what a treat it was.  This is the largest Monet exhibition to come to London in 20 years. About 19 paintings have come from private collections, so very rarely seen. This is a huge deal for the National Gallery Read more…


  • ©LLW Abuelo7
    Discover Abuelo in Covent Garden

    Every weekend I read another article about whether coffee is good for us or not – either way it’s an addiction I’ve find very hard to give up. I love my morning coffee, as much as I love a cup of tea in the afternoon. I love both in equal measure. So I am always Read more…


  • © LLW Sense of Space
    Senses in a Sense of Space

    What are our key senses? Obviously light, sound, smell, taste & touch. At Broadgate in the heart of London, you can discover a few of these to take you into sensory overload.  Sense of Space is the new pop up in the middle of Exchange Square. Eyes a goggle, visually stunning, and the biggest feel Read more…