• © LLW Open HouseOpen House London

    Open House London is a unique opportunity to visit buildings that are not usually open to the public.  It all happens over the weekend of 16-17 September 2017.  Our top tips come from Katie at Look Up London, who has done a guide to the best of the lot, and which don’t need prior booking. Read more…


  • ©LLW KalosaDid someone say spritz o’clock with Kalosa?

    Did someone say spritz o’clock with Kalosa? It’s Friday night, so let’s picture the scene; a long week, getting supper ready… empty glass. I am a little bit of a lazy cocktail drinker, in that I love a cocktail, but I can’t always be bothered to make them. Imagine my delight when the Kold Group Read more…


  • Maggie’s Culture Walk

    Hello all you lovely walkers out there… Who can I persuade to join me at the end of September to walk through London on  the Maggie’s Culture Walk? A 10 mile walk with me through London on Friday 29 September, and get behind the scenes access to museums after hours, all the while raising money Read more…