Kusama and Rodin are the big two exhibitions that have reopened The Tate Modern. Both exhibitions opened to rave reviews after both exhibitions had been delayed due to the pandemic. It has been a fabulous start.

Kusama and Rodin Tate Modern
Infinity Mirror Rooms

Yayoi Kusama returns with her Infinity Mirror Room and the EY exhibition is The Making of Rodin. Both very different, both quite extraordinary in their own field.

The Making of Rodin

The joy of Tate Modern is space, and for the moment the quietness. Without the influx of tourism the museums are much quieter and subsequently very enjoyable.

Yayoi Kusama| Tate Modern

Once you’ve seen Kusama’s work, you will want to return again and again. Her ability to capture an audience with mirrors and lights continues to delight audiences worldwide. Although this is a small exhibition for Tate Modern, the big draw is without a doubt the two infinity rooms.

Yayoi Kusama Mirror Infinity Rooms at Tate Modern
Kusama at Tate 2021

As one of the guides said to me “This is the preview to what heaven must be like…” I have to agree with him. I love it.

I have been lucky to see Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms a couple of times, and each time I leave I’m so happy I went. It is the ultimate feel good visual feast, so if you can get a ticket when they release more, make every effort to do so. I have a tip coming for you on this.

Yayoi Kusama chandelier of grief at Tate Modern
Chandelier of Grief 2021

Along with the Mirror Room there is the Chandelier of Grief. It is a chandelier that rotates and gives you thousands of rotating chandeliers. It is a magical display for children and adults alike.

Yayoi Kusama chandelier of grief at Tate Modern

Accompanying these two rooms are displays of Kusama photographs and a film. The exhibition is due to run until 22 June 2022. The best way to get tickets is to become a member of The Tate. By being a member you will get an early booking notification for tickets. This is your best chance of getting tickets. There is no affiliation here, I just know this is how I get my tickets. Sign up HERE.

The EY Exhibition: The Making of Rodin

The Tate’s Making of Rodin exhibition focuses on the process of modelling Rodin’s extraordinary works. It evokes the mood of Rodin’s workshop, with multiple plaster casts of his extraordinary sculptures on display.

The Making of Rodin
The Making of Rodin

There are over 200 pieces of work, many on loan from the Musee Rodin in Paris. This is such a special and rare opportunity to view the genius that is Auguste Rodin.

The Making of Rodin at Tate Modern
The Making of Rodin at Tate Modern

Even if you aren’t into sculpture, there is something about Rodin’s work that is intoxicating.
The Making of Rodin : Ends 21 Nov 2021. Book tickets HERE

Kusama and Rodin | Tate Modern

The biggest recommendation I can give you is to become a member of The Tate. As I said one of the perks will be on their priority email for ticket releases.

I love my membership – I also happen to really enjoy the members bar at the top facing over towards the city for lunch or coffee. You also get access to all their museums. It is a membership that offers you incredible value for money.