Featured in our Super Seven this month and open from today is, Frameless London. A brand new immersive art experience in London. This is a totally immersive art experience bringing you art beyond the borders of a frame. It is a 360 degree experience, and is spectacularly stunning.

Spanning across 30,000 square feet, expect 40 digitalised masterpieces from 28 artists, including Dali, Monet, Kandinsky, Van Gogh and Klimt to name a few that will sweep you off your feet in scale.

Frameless London new immersive art experience

Exceptional art spans the walls and floors, accompanied by carefully selected music. It is a complete visual and audio escape, right in the middle of the city! Frameless London is a worldwide first.

Frameless London | The new immersive art experience

There are four immersive art galleries to explore, with each room offering twenty minutes of themed sensory joy. The four themes to enjoy: Beyond Reality, Colour In Motion, The World Around Us and The Art Of Abstraction.

Frameless London

Be sure to catch the interactive features in the Colour In Motion gallery. A simple step allows you to toss paint strokes around the room! Fun for both adults and children.

Frameless London

One bit of advice is not to rush the room experience. Each one offers a unique art experience. Lengthen out your visit with a meal or a drink in between the rooms.

Frameless London | The other bits

The building was formerly a cinema. It is a stunning refurbishment, which begins with a fantastic mirrored escalator descent to the Frameless bar. Bejewelled by the creative food and drinks during your visit – ours were amazing.

Frameless new immersive art in London

I also defy anyone to leave the shop empty handed. If only for the best line up of postcards from the Frameless artists, and your artistic annual calendar.

Frameless London shop

There is even an event space available for all types of immersive partnerships. The creators of this space haven’t forgotten the scope of what you can do here. Just saying if you are looking for a party venue – this is it… only caveat is it includes inviting me!! Just kidding 😉

Frameless new immersive art experience

There is also a partnership with the famous children’s hospital in London Great Ormond Street, with a proceed of each ticket going to the charity. A really touching initiative.

Frameless new immersive art experience

If you enjoy art and looking for a unique experience, there isn’t anything better in London this autumn. I think it is great value for money, when you think each room’s experience is over 20mins long.

Frameless London : Important info:

Opens 7 October 2022. Booking through to January 2023.
Frameless London Tickets start from £25 (adults) £15 (children) on Ticketmaster. There are school group rates available.

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