Queen Victoria was born in London and she loved London and the Arts. There are so many places to visit here that have a key connection with Queen Victoria and Albert. We have picked our favourites – with the exception of Frogmore, everything is London based. You can also find 7 facts you may or may not have know.. we couldn’t resist!

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Queen Victoria in London

1.Kensington Palace : KP has opened two beautifully exhibitions. Victoria : A Royal Childhood and Victoria & Woman & Crown. Both beautifully curated. Read our blog post.

2. The London museum which of course delivers perfectly on this theme is the iconic Victoria and Albert Museum . A beautiful new addition in the jewellery gallery is the exquisite sapphire and diamond coronet Prince Albert designed for his Queen in 1840.

3. A double-mention for the V&A which has so much on this summer including family pop-up performances about the life of Victoria and Albert, a new display of royal collections donated by the couple to the museum, plus an fascinating exhibition in the library highlighting Prince Albert’s immense contribution to art and architecture. Talking of Albert, the incredible Albert Memorial is just around the corner, built in homage to her beloved husband by Victoria.

4. Queen Victoria’s Palace: Buckingham Palace. A special exhibition is opening from 20th July telling the story of how Victoria transformed the palace from a private house into a working royal residence.

5. The ‘Queen of Afternoon Teas’. The Victorians properly launched the idea of the traditional English afternoon tea. The Cafe Royal, one of London’s oldest and iconic hotels, is offering a mouth-watering tea menu inspired by Victoria’s life, influences and personal favourites.

6. Private Tours: Royalty and Splendour Tour and dinner at the Houses of Parliament. Selected dates during the summer. Very special. Frogmore House, near Windsor, was much loved by Victoria (indeed she is buried in the mauseleum here with Prince Albert) Take a relaxed evening private guided tour throughout August (min 15 people)

7. The Great Exhibition Road Festival. A 3 day festival in the heart of South Kensington celebrating the science and arts in the spirit of the Great Exhibition of 1851. All-day theatre, music, science ticks all the boxes!

8. National Portrait Gallery. Celebrating Victoria 200, an exhibition of Victoria’s life in portraiture will run until 1 September 2019

Queen Victoria facts

1.Born on 24 May 1819 at Kensington Palace. She was the first sovereign to reign from Buckingham Palace.

2. She was born in the dining room of Kensington Palace. In the ‘old days’ they would convert the dining room into the birthing room, so they could access hot water easily.

3. She was 4ft 11″ so needed a platform to be seen at formal engagements

4. At the age of 17 she met her future husband Prince Albert, who was her cousin. They were married in 1840, went on to have 9 children and she had 42 grandchildren.

5. She travelled with her own bed, which is on display in the Kensington Palace exhibition. This was a very late edition to the exhibition after a beady eye reporter saw it advertised for sale in London’s Metro newspaper.

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6. The Victorian Cross is named after her, and is still today the highest accolade of bravery in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

7. When Albert died she was 42yrs old. She retreated from public life for 10 years. She was the Widow of Windsor. Victoria died in 1901 aged 81. They are buried together at Frogmore mausoleum.

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