The Olympic Park is so identifiable, that its easy to forget how big and great the Arcelor Mittal sculpture is. Riding the slide is quite another matter. This is the modern day version of a helter skelter and the ride down is the fastest, coolest slide ride you will take.


Be ready to score major brownie points, I took my teenage daughter and two nieces from Australia over to the Olympic Park to ride the Carsten Höller slide, that is woven into this extraordinary piece of art.


Remember the Southbank slide a few years ago? This is 10 times better and bigger.


There was a ‘little’ hesitation from the girls as we arrived at the tallest sculpture in the UK

tallest sculpture in the UK

It really is an extraordinary piece of engineering by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond. Check out all the facts HERE.

Olympic Park

Be amazed as you get up close, but also the awesomeness of the slide beckons… Are you brave enough? I honestly thought I might have lost the plot!


Arrive early enough to enjoy the view from the top, it is a stunning 360 view of London. One advantage was the clean windows, something the Shard should do more often. From this height you also get a first look down the slide – it is as awesome as it is terrifying.


Anish Kapoor’s fun curved, reflective mirrors gave the girls a few fun photo moments – I was delighted they made me look super skinny and turned London upside down!


Armed up and ready to roll… off we go into to dark, up and down, round and around 40 seconds of pure exhilaration.


The teen verdict was how quickly could we book to go again.  Even though I squealed for the full 40 seconds down, to the embarrassment of my daughter, I was declared the coolest Auntie!


Wander back through to the Westfield Centre and find somewhere to sit down and recover. There are so many eats outside, that you are spoilt for choice. We were exhausted by the end of it, so don’t try and do too much, it is quite a walk from the tube station, but there is so much to look at. If you have the foresight, take your swimmers and go for a swim in the Olympic pool.  They charge to just go in and look, so you’d may as well swim and get the full benefits.

If you are coming to London, live in London, this has to be THE thing to do – RIDE THE SLIDE and you will not regret it. Never mind X Factor – this has X all over it in red, chrome and steel.

ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide

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