The Science Museum has re-opened in South Kensington. The last of the big three to open since they closed in March due to covid-19.

Science Museum
Science Museum from the Medicine Gallery

The Science Museum has always been a go-to for any parent with children, but this week I went with Mr B. It was a whole new experience. Let’s start on the top floor in Wonderlab…

Science Museum | Wonderlab

Yes, the Wonderlab is certainly geared towards children. It has incredible interactive stations for them to engage with.

Science Museum Wonderlab
Wonderlab on the top floor at the Science Museum

However, we both loved learning all sorts of new things, and challenging the knowledge we thought we had!. Inspired by the dry ice table as you walk in was worth it alone.

Science Museum Wonderlab

The Flight Room wasn’t open, but I’m sure it wont be long before that is back up and running, and I promise I will be back in to try that – I mean who doesn’t want to fly a plane or space ship?! We then headed down to…

The Mathematics Room

This award winning gallery was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. It just has that wow factor. The rooms that teaches you how maths connects every aspect of our lives. I’m not a maths geek, but it was fascinating.

Science Museum Zaha Hadid design
Mathematics Room designed by Zaha Hadid Architects

The gallery contains 21 historical stories about people and their mathematical work over the last 400 years. Economy, trade, war and peace to life and death… incredible.

Information Age

We all like to communicate don’t we. Starting 200 years ago, it will take you through years of communication.

Science Museum
Britain’s iconic red telephone box makes an appearance

Morse code, television broadcasts, the Samaritans story of how they began and the story of first transatlantic communications by Paul Robeson. How far we have come…


As we headed downstairs to level one, we were beginning to run out of time. We swiftly headed through this floor, it’s an overwhelming wow… over 3,000 medical artefacts on display, and that is before there is a section on our recent covid-19 pandemic that brought the world to a halt. This floor is well worth doing when you aren’t in a rush.

Science Museum
How toys are instrumental in helping therapist communicate with children with mental health issues

Tomorrow’s World

I’m always curious as to where life is heading. Driverless cars, drones for takeaways, medicines, rescues.. There is so much to understand.

Science Museum Tomorrows World
Tomorrow’s World and the electric car

Whilst the IMAX is closed for the moment, head back into Exploring Space and Tim Peake’s spacecraft and parachute – I can’t believe I missed this, but whilst I was learning about drones, Mr B was thinking spacecraft.

Science Museum
Exploring space on the ground floor

Science Museum | Verdict

This museum is definitely not just for families. It is an extraordinary museum to lose your self for a few hours and be inspired by design, technology, and science. We both said we would come back, and the feedback from my instagram stories, said the same.

The ice cream parlour outside the Wonderlab, is definitely worth a visit for crazy flavours, before heading back into the hustle and bustle of South Kensington.

Science Museum details

Tickets to the museum are free, but must be booked. Unless you want to go to the Wonderlab which requires a paid ticket. They have lots of cafe’s, so if you can support the museums by eating there, it really does help them. Please check the SM website for closures before heading out, as details change. You can download a map here. All tickets can be downloaded onto your phones, so everything is as contactless as possible. Enjoy.