There was no better time to open a Turner exhibition. Tate Britain is Turner’s home from home, and therefore the most natural place to show his work in Turner’s Modern World.

Turners Modern World

The ‘Modern World‘ in this context is in-fact the Industrial Revolution, which Turner was fascinated by. Of the 150 paintings in this fabulous exhibition, many are intricate domestic and social scenes depicting the theme.

Households, forges, farming and transport are all subjects for Turner. Detailed watercolours hang alongside large swirling dramatic canvases.

Turner’s Modern World | The show-stoppers

There are many showstoppers at ‘Turner’s Modern World.’ Not least the atmospheric ‘Rain, Steam and Speed’ (lent from the National Gallery) depicting a locomotive hurtling through swirling weather. Turner precedes impressionism but surely must have been one of their inspirations.

Turner's Modern World

‘Snow Storm’ is a highlight. This stunning painting showing a steamboat being tossed violently in a massive storm. It is both emotional and dramatic.

Turner’s | Napoleonic Wars

This is another preoccupation of Turner’s. These long wars were costly in terms of lives and national pride. The killing fields of Waterloo, Nelson’s deathbed, The Battle of Trafalgar, Napoleon’s iconic figure are all painted in various forms.

Vivid dramatic yellows, reds and oranges are used to reflect conflict and war. This is Turner in full flow.

Turners Modern World
The Fighting Temeraire

Turner’s most famous painting of all is in this exhibition. It is the painting Turner loved the most. The one painting he refused to sell.

Tate Britain | Covid-safe

Ironically, at the time of writing this it was a great time to go and visit London exhibitions. Tate Britain makes the whole experience as normal as they can. Decreased numbers of visitors mean you can really see these stunning paintings up close.

The space is huge and airy, the Djanogly CafĂ© and public loos are open and there’s plenty to see in the permanent Tate collections. The shop is great for Christmas presents and every penny goes towards supporting the museum.

We would urge you to book tickets to this special exhibition. Open now until 7 March 2021 (subject to change with covid restrictions). Book your ticket for Turner’s Modern World at Tate Britain HERE