On my recent trip to Marrakech, the vibrant colours, made me think about what we consider to be a gem? The definition of gem is a jewel, but it is also an outstanding person, thing or place.

©LLW colours

I can safely say I found quite a few hidden gems in Marrakech recently. The vibrancy of life, the colourful tiles, the architecture, the design. It was a gem overload.

We all think of the hustle bustle in the heart of the Medina, but it was being immersed in such a rich culture that did it for me.

©LLW souk

My hidden gems ranged from the amazing ceramic floors, to the gardens, the doors, and the colour. Marrakech is so vibrant. A beating heart is said to be in the middle of every fountain; in the Riads, the hotels, the gardens, the palaces – you find them everywhere. Architecture, design, beauty, colour, patterns, even artists studios… My full blog post is up on the website. This is a photo blog to share a few of those things I found so intoxicating.

My hidden gems of Marrakech

©LLW at Bahia Palace

Majorelle Jardin

© LLW Jardin Majorelle 1

© LLW Jardin Majorelle

© LLW Jardin Majorelle

Bahia Palace

© LLW Bahia Palace

© LLW Bahia

©LLWBahia Palace

Le Jardin Secret

© LLW MK Jardin Secret

© LLW Jardin Secret

©LLW Jardin Secret

Gallery of Note

Riad Yima, is a must on your cultural list for pop art in Marrakech. The gallery is hidden off the Medina, but is worth the discovery. This kitsch gallery is the brainchild of Hassam Hajjaj’s. A mixture of pop art, clothing, furniture and photography, the eclectic mix in the traditional Riad, is a jewel find.  You can stop by and have tea, and check out the exhibition “Casablanca not the movie”.

© LLW Riad Yima 1

© LLW Riad Yima

Floors of Note

© LLW Jardin Majorelle

©LLW Riad Yima

© LLW Bahia Palace

© LLW Jardin Secret

©LLW JSfloor

 ©LLW Bahia floor

I hope this makes you as happy as it has made me & inspires you to go and discover your own hidden gems, as well as mine