Milly Kenny-Ryder is my latest ‘Little Whisper with…’ and ahead of the launch of her new book Best British Bakeries this May, I picked her brain to choose 7 London bakeries for you.

Best British Bakeries

Milly has tried them all. She has always been my bakery go-to guru, because predominantly she is so thorough in her research. Milly has given me a little LLW exclusive. Here are her 7 London bakeries that will elevate your weekend, should it be it pastries or bread, savoury or sweet. They will be sure to hit the spot.

There are definitely more than 7 London bakeries in the book, this is your teaser. Let the book now be your travel bakery bible, it is the perfect companion for UK travellers and foodies alike.

Best London bakeries JOLENE

7 London Bakeries for you

Charity bake sale for Magic Breakfast

In true Milly style she is launching her Best of British Bakeries with a charity bake sale. It is on Saturday 4th May upstairs at Bourne and Hollingsworth.

If you are in London for the bank holiday weekend, this will be the perfect start to your day and will make a difference to the charity. Please come along. 9am – 12 noon (or until sell-out).

You can buy Best of British Bakeries here from Hoxton Mini Press.
Milly is also the author of Weekend Journals & her website Thoroughly Modern Milly

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