Milly Kenny-Ryder is a freelance travel writer and food photographer in London. I’ve known Milly for abut 5 years and I love her photography. Not only is she a fabulous photographer, she is a joy to be around and a good friend. Milly is married with two young boys and her life is ordered chaos and so creative I find it inspiring how she manages to juggle it all and keep smiling.

Picking up the Little Whisper With series I couldn’t have found a better person to start it with. To wet your appetite she has shared 7 London Bakeries with me ahead of publication date of her latest book, Best of British Bakeries. There are also details of the charity bake sale she is hosting on 4th May.

I asked her what is is that makes a good bakery …

“Experience, passion and energy – it is a hard job to have, but I can imagine it’s very rewarding. I think bakery’s always work succeed when flavour is the priority and location is somewhere with a lovely neighbourhood feel. The community will be quick to adopt and support you, Serving great coffee helps too”

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Find Milly on Instagram @millykr and @weekendjournals and her website, Thoroughly Modern Milly.