Elevate your dining experience with a spoonful of caviar. This is what I did recently at Caviar House Prunier in the heart of Piccadilly. I’ve often walked past, and a few weeks ago I walked back in for the second time for an introduction to Prunier Caviar.

Caviar House Prunier

As Noel Coward said “Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar; never spread it about like marmalade’. I love caviar it is a huge treat, just like great wit. The only person to disagree with this quote would be our dear Paddington Bear!

If you are lucky to have had a little caviar, it’s either at a party, or maybe you’ve been gifted a tin. Do you really know the way you should be eating caviar? I certainly didn’t, and here at Caviar House Prunier in London, you can learn all the tricks of the trade.

Raising the bar with a spoon of caviar

Raise the bar with a touch of caviar | Lunchtime

Caviar House Prunier offer different options for lunch, and we had them all. All the trimmings as we tasted the different types of caviar. We had oysters.. We had caviar with ice cream.. caviar with vodka…We also had a seafood platter. A special mention for the balik sushi, it was melt in the mouth delicious.

Or maybe you prefer ‘Caviar at the Bar’ Price start from £80 for 30g. How about starting any meal with a Marilyn – a glass of house champagne and a spoon of caviar at £24.50.

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Raise the bar | 7 fun facts on Caviar House Prunier

  • Prunier was founded in 1872 and is the oldest caviar house. In 2004 the company merged with Caviar House and is now known as Caviar House Prunier.
  • The lighter the caviar in colour the older it is, and in most cases, the more expensive it is. 
  • They breed two types of caviar Baerii and Oscietra.
  • 47 different nutrients packed with protein … it’s the healthy way of life. With a high omega-3 content it’s incredibly mood boosting.
  • Caviar House Prunier are the only retailer that produces its own caviar. Farmed outside Bordeaux, Prunier harvest twice a year. It environmentally responsible and sustainable.
  • Caviar takes around 8 years to reach full maturity, this is where we begin to harvest and has a shelf life of up to a year once vacuumed packed.
  • Caviar House Co founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. This was the case until Pierre died.  
  • In 1921 Emile Prunier served is own caviar for the first time in his Parisian restaurant, now known as Madama Prunier. 

Prunier in Paris | Madame Prunier

If you are heading to France this summer for the Paris Olympics, can I suggest you visit their Parisian restaurant, Madame Prunier. In 1921 Emile Prunier served his own caviar for the first time in this Parisian restaurant, and takes Madame Prunier. The chef who has created the Prunier menu at the oppullent establishment is Yannick Alléno, head chef from Pavyllon in London.

Caviar House Prunier
161 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EA

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