The Belvedere restaurant in Holland Park has had a make over, and frankly it look fantastic. Would the new restaurant be as good as I remembered the old one? I hoped so. What I will say first impressions go a long way. Arriving on a cool night, to the warm glow of an Italian villa was a very good start. It was almost unrecognisable from what I remembered it was, in a very good way.

I was lucky to be eating with a friend who eats out a lot.. nearly more than anyone else I know and I was more than happy to guided by him on what we should be eating.

He was suddenly happy to guided by head chef Lello Favuzzi who came to our table and took over. Our meal had begun, as Lello took us through the choices he would pick for our dining experience at The Belvedere. We were in for a treat.

The Belvedere | What we ate

Adam began with the oysters paired with rasberry sorbet. Not your normal combination, but it worked very well. We then moved onto seabass ceviche and the best veal tonnato I’ve had. It’s a substantial dish so share it, or have as a main.

Then came my dish of the evening. A beetroot ravioli with smoked burrata, hazelnuts with a balsamic drizzle. It was completely perfect. Al dente, tasty with the added crunch of some sliced beetroot with the hazelnut’s, it just hit the spot.

The wild sea bass fillet, was filled out with the cesar romaine and some roasted Jerusalem artichokes. The artichokes instead of potatoes was a real win, and the cesar romaine was different enough to be interesting and I’d definitely order it again. There is a reason I don’t often eat out at night, and it is because you can’t review properly with beautiful photos. You will just have to trust me that it was all beautifully presented.

We left a tiny bit of room for pudding. Tiramisu it was, with the almond tart. Lello looked after us so well, we left rolling out of this revamped beautiful restaurant into Holland Park.

All our meals were paired from their extensive wine list, but I’m sorry I didn’t take notes!

The Belvedere Restaurant | My summary

If you don’t know where you are going, it’s a tricky one to find off Holland Park. The restaurant is actually in the park, coming in from Abbotsbury Road. Look for the gate and a doorman.

Once you are in you are greeted by the beautiful Italian inspired building, it took my breath away if I’m honest. Walking into the restaurant was just as gorgeous, with a nice vibe, good music, stunning lighting. There is an upstairs for private parties and in the summer a terrace over looking the parks and maybe a peacock or two. This is without a doubt a special restaurant, and one I’ll definitely be coming back to.

It’s not on the cheap side of eating. Main courses are a tad expensive, but choose carefully and your bill won’t be too shocking.

The Belvedere in Holland Park
Abbotsbury Road, London, W8 6LU