There is no where more beautiful than London in the Spring. Finding the gorgeous blooms in the various London parks isn’t hard if you know where to go.

Hyde Park in spring time by the Princess Diana memorial
Hyde Park sculpture by the Princess Diana memorial garden

After what feels like a very long winter for us all, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite London Spring walks.

Walking in London

I am a big walker, and more so since Lockdown. My favourite Springtime walks are usually around the Royal Parks, but I do deviate.

I’m a sucker for a sunrise. I love watching the birds waking up, stretching… their morning call as the sun rises, even the odd early morning horses exercising brings me joy.

Morning walks with the horses in Hyde Park
Mornings in Hyde Park

It is a wonderful time to enjoy the peace and quiet, and start your day. Here is my guide to finding Spring in London this March in the London parks;

Spring | Kensington Gardens

Home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the pond in front of Kensington Palace is always worth a walk-up. You have the statue of a young Princess Victoria to your left in front of the Palace, and the beautiful pond to the right.

Kensington Palace Garden in springtime 2021
Kensington Gardens in March

Head left towards the Italian Gardens, and the little cafe tucked behind it. Coffee in hand, take the path to the right of the gardens.

Henry Moore sculpture looking towards Kensington Palace

Magnolia’s in Hyde Park

Walking from Kensington Gardens into Hyde Park is seamless. If you have followed the path along past Peter Pan, you will go under a bridge, and come towards the Serpentine Lido.

Magnolias in Hyde Park in spring
March magnolias in Hyde Park

On the way you pass one of the prettiest magnolia trees in the park. Carry on walking up towards Hyde Park Corner and you will find all the daffodils and planted flowers and crocuses.

Finding daffodils in Green Park

Green Park leads you down to Buckingham Palace. Often I might jump on a bike here (there is a station just outside the park). I love cycling down to the Palace, then up the Mall and over to Horseguards, but that is for another time.

If you walk, your reward will be the yellow daffodils that line the paths.

Green Park spring time  daffodils
Green Park is full of daffodils in March

St James’s Park

Probably my favourite park in London… everywhere you look you are met by something beautiful. Iconic London views to start with, follow that up with gorgeous flowers and nature.

Blossom in St James's Park in March
Blossom in St James’s Park

Walk down to the pretty blossom tree that frames the park’s path to the best wildlife watch.

St James's Park in Spring 2021
St James’s Park facing Buckingham Palace

Follow the water on your right, and you arrive at the the famous bridge, where one side you can see Buckingham Palace, the other way you can see the London Eye.

Regents Park

Regent’s Park is stunning at any time of the year. It is a park with avenues, Royal rose gardens, a boating lake and that is before we talk about London Zoo and the Open Air theatre. Not least forgetting the blossom. It’s an all in one!

Regents Park blossom in Spring
Regent’s Park blossom

Battersea Park

People often overlook Battersea, but this is where you will find one of the prettiest line of blossom trees in March. Pick up a coffee at the Pear Tree Cafe, and walk down the tree lined avenues until you come to this beauty.

Battersea Park blossom
Battersea Park blossom

Ravenscourt Park

This tiny park is a sea of pink when the blossom blooms, and it is truly beautiful.

Ravencourt Park and pink blossom in London
Ravenscourt Park blossom

Greenwich Park

Whilst the big draw is the pink blossom, it definitely isn’t in bloom until much later in the Spring…

Greenwich in full blossom end of April
Greenwich in full bloom from end of April onwards

In March you can enjoy daffodils in and around the Royal Palaces and Naval Colleges. It isn’t a bad compromise.

Daffodils in and around Greenwich in March
Daffodils in and around Greenwich in March

Where ever you end up walking in London, enjoy… be inspired and take in the natural beauty it gives us.

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