The Fabulous World of Dior has arrived in Knightsbridge. The entire facade of Harrods in London has been transformed into a giant gingerbread house. Fashion lovers rejoice – it is exquisite.

Christian Dior at Harrods

This is the Christmas campaign for the fashion house of Christian Dior. It takes you inside and outside of Harrods, and includes a cafe. The beauty of this imaginative installation will not be lost on anyone.

The Fabulous World of Dior, is just that – fabulous. Christian Dior fills every window with merchandise. Some of it moves, some of it static, but all of it magical as it sits alongside replica gingerbread merchandise.

The Fabulous World of Dior | Inside

Get yourself a ticket to take you downstairs into the really ‘fabulous’ world of Dior. It is a gingerbread wonderland with Mr Dior as the Gingerbread man himself. It is his story gingerbread style, from his Paris atelier in Avenue Montaigne.

Dior at Harrods dreaming at his desk

The gingerbread houses of Christian Dior

“It had to be 30 Avenue Montaigne. I was going to settle here and nowhere else” Christian Dior

The story goes that Dior leaned over to pick up something that had nearly made him fall over. As he leaned over to pick it up, it was a star. That star was Christian Dior’s lucky charm, and has subsequently featured in all his collections.

Dior at Harrods shoe making

The World of Dior has stars falling over every surface as you walk in and around his world, and the three houses of his life. You begin inside of Avenue Montaigne – miniature life at work, miniature dresses twirl around as you walk. It is all visually perfect.

Inside dior at Harrods

Then onto La Colle Noire in Provence, where his passion for flowers and perfume evolved into his perfume love story of Dior and scent.

Dior at Harrods and his Dior dress

Finally Granville in Normandy, his childhood home. Family gatherings, more stars, flowers and bees. The symbol of Dior, to represent a hive of activity.

Eating at Christian Dior in Harrods

Getting a reservation is hard, and seems to be fully booked. That should not stop you going in to the gingerbread cafe and buying your Christian Dior biscuit.

My last word is that if you haven’t seen Mrs Harris goes to Paris, watch it. It is the charming story of Mrs Harris (played by Leslie Manville) who has set her heart on a dress from Dior in Paris.

“Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.” Christian Dior

The Fabulous World of Dior | Booking details

Fabulous World of Dior until 3 January 2023
The exhibition is fully booked, however if you show up – especially at the beginning of the week, people often don’t show up and they will let you in. Be under no illusion this is London’s busiest exhibition.

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