Can you imagine thinking that you can climb The O2 and doing it… Yes this is what I did recently and it really ticks the box. Especially if the weather is good.

Up at the O2

The O2 is the Richard Rogers iconic landmark over in East London. Built 15 years ago, it opened with Bon Jovi, it is continually used for concerts, it’s been featured in the James Bond film Spector and most recently home to the Mamma Mia experience.

Climb London's O2

If you thinking of spending the day at The O2, there is plenty to keep you busy. There is a Cineworld, oxygen free jumping, an outlet shopping centre, and a 12 lane bowling alley to name just a few additional activities.

Up at the O2

Eating at The O2

There are a ton of restaurants to choose from if you want to eat there. From Five Guys, Gaucho to delicious Thai to the new Tram Door – you will need sustenance for your climb and you can do a Climb and Dine deal in selected restaurants.

Climbing the O2

It was the perfect day to climb this iconic landmark. The sky was as blue as can be with no filter, it was a glorious autumnal day. I was layered up, and wearing my NB trainers with a good grip. So I didn’t have to change my shoes, I borrowed a fleece and I was ready to go.

Climbing the O2

This iconic landmark is 15 years old and still has some incredible facts and details to remind you why.

London’s iconic O2 | 7 facts

  • 12 steel masts represent 12 months of the year
  • The diameter is 365m to represent the days is the year
  • The summit is 52m high to represent the weeks of the year
  • Platform across the top is 12m across
  • The steepest part of the climb is 30*
  • The fastest selling artist playing at the 02 was The Spice Girls in 38 seconds in 2007. Followed by Monty Python in 2014 in 43 seconds. 
  • You burn 450 calories on your climb.  

Climbing the o2 | Finer details

This is a great family outing if you can afford it. Choose from a daytime, sunset or even twilight walk. The whole thing takes about 2hrs or so.

Climbing the O2

There are the iconic photo opportunities, but if you have your phone or a camera that will fit in your pocket, you don’t need to splash out on an additional £15. It’s a steep cost for a print and no digital copy. There is always someone around who will take your photo for free.

Up at the O2

Travel to The O2

Jubilee line to Greenwich North
Thames Uber boat to The O2. Greenwich Pier (this is always my favourite mode of transport if possible)

Up At The O2

Little London Whispers were guests on the O2 experience