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  • Faces of a Queen

    Armada Portraits & Woburn Treasures

    15th February 2020

    Three Armada portraits have gone on display for the first time in their 430 years, alongside some of Woburn Treasures…

  • Baroque Britain Power and Illusion

    British Baroque: Power and Illusion

    5th February 2020

    Hugely influenced by his experience in exile in the extravagant and decadent French Court, Charles came back to England wanting to be noticed!

  • Love in a London Art Scene

    Loving the London art scene…

    28th January 2020

    When an art exhibition closes in London, you only have to look forward to what is opening next on London’s art scene

  • Royal Opera House

    Royal Opera House | Always a pleasure

    7th January 2020

    What is the magic of the Royal Opera House in London … We have an insight for you

  • ©LLW Cutty Sark 150th Anniversary

    Cutty Sark | 150th Anniversary

    22nd November 2019

    ‘No clipper ship was finer, faster and more famous than Cutty Sark’ – Lord Sterling, Chairman, The Cutty Sark Trust. The Cutty Sark, that glorious iconic ship, that proudly stands next to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, is 150 years old on 22 November 2019. Rightly, this

  • LLW George IV Art and Spectacle

    George IV | Art and Spectacle

    18th November 2019

    George IV was not the most popular or likeable monarch. He would never have survived his 10 year reign in this #MeToo era! He was however, a huge patron of the arts and had extraordinarily good taste. This new exhibition