Life is precious, life is worth celebrating, and these 7 special restaurants in London are all memorable. The food is incredible, but they all have that little something extra that takes it to another level.

Tom, runs his own instagram account (Gourmet Guy) and as a London foodie myself, I love the recommendations he gives.

London’s food scene is as dynamic as it is diverse, and I am so guilty of going to my favourites. By having Tom on board with Little London Whispers with these monthly guides, I am definitely feeling more adventurous when eating out, and I hope you are too.

This month Tom has picked these 7 London restaurants to share on those special occasions, when you want something a little different but has something extra.

As before, all links and images are to the individual restaurants instagram page.

River Cafe | Hammersmith on the Riverside

7 special london restaurants river cafe
Image from River Cafe

Cafe Deco | Bloomsbury

7 special london restaurants Cafe Deco
Image from Café Deco

Cafe Murano | St James’s Street

7 special london restaurants cafe murano
Image by Cafe Murano

Spring | Somerset House

7 special london restaurants spring
Image by Spring

Rochelle Canteen | East London

7 special london restaurants rochelle canteen
Image by Rochelle Canteen

Café Cecilia | Hackney

7 special london restaurants london Cafe cecilia hackney
Image by Gourmet Guy

Sessions Art Club |Clerkenwell Green

Sessions Art Club 7 special LONDON restaurants
Image by Sessions Art Club

If you want to see any more of Tom (Gourmet Guy’s) recommendations for Little London Whispers follow the link to our food guide here