Afternoon tea at The Rosewood hotel in London is an art. It has been for as long as I can remember. They theme all their tea’s around artists, and this year Pastry Chef Mark Perkins has exceeded all expectations with Salvador Dali.

The Mirror Room at The Rosewood is the perfect setting. It is like eating in a jewel box of sparkles. Mirror bounces the light of everything in this luxury room of big mustard leather sofa’s alongside beautiful books and the most opulent ceiling details I’ve seen in a hotel.

Introducing the artist for the Afternoon Tea | Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is probably one of the most famous surrealist artists of all time. His work as bizarre as it is bonkers, but his attention to detail is what made him remarkable. This is where these worlds collide.

The Rosewood Mirror Room for afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea is an art

An art inspired tea this certainly is.. London is one of the most inspiring cities in the world for its art scene. I will say straight up, I was very glad I hadn’t eaten much for breakfast because there is a lot of food.

dali afternoon tea at The Rosewood

Start with a delicious glass of cold Ruinart champagne, and enjoy this creative menu. Whilst I love the sandwiches and savoury bites (all with a Spanish nod), but for me the really stand outs were yet to come.

Dali afternoon tea at the Rosewood

The cakes are exquisite, and a joy to discover. A playful afternoon tea, designed to be eaten and engaged with. This delightful looking rose cake actually opened up to a tangy panna cotta like cake.

A Dali inspired afternoon tea at the rosewood

Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus painted in 1937, focused on the narcissus flower which blossoms out of Dali’s egg… recreated and deliciously clever.

afternoon tea art at the rosewood

Queen of Hearts is the nod to Dali’s ‘Playing Card’ and on close inspection you can see Dali’s quirky symbols and colours. Sliced open for clean cut of ruby peach jelly, almond sponge and a glazed strawberry mousse.

afternoon tea art at the rosewood
The NFT Finale..

With the The Butterfly Windmill is one of Dali’s most iconic depictions, it is the most logical to have that little flutter involved in the finale.

For the first time, the hotel have created an immersive experience. You scan a QR code where you will get a limited digital token. Activate the token, and butterflies appear on your phone in the room. It’s very cool once it works – it did take me a few times, but that could be me, and the staff were on hand to make it work.

Download your NFT, and click to see if you have won of the 2,500 prizes. It could be a glass of champagne, it could be an afternoon tea, it could be an overnight stay. It is clever, it is original, and it really is memorable.

Leave a little room and stop by the Le Veranda by Patron pop-up bar. The latest installation in the Rosewood courtyard for summer. I can’t think of a better place to park myself!

Patron bar at The Rosewood

Art Afternoon Tea is available Wednesday to Sunday
The Rosewood Hotel, Holborn WC2
Book your tea here

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